How much does it cost to hire an immigration consultant in Canada?

The following are flat rate fees for applying for Canadian Citizenship based on a per person basis: Citizenship eligibility review $400. Citizenship applications $2,200. PRTD $3,000.

How much do immigration consultants make in Alberta?

CDI College of Business, Technology and Health Care – Calgary North

Average Wage $35.85 / hr
Average Salary $66,952.00 / yr
Hours Per Week 36.4 hrs

Should I hire an immigration consultant?

First off, let’s be clear: there is no requirement for you to hire a consultant or lawyer to represent you in your Canadian immigration application. It is possible to apply for permanent residence, or obtain a work or study permit, or visit Canada temporarily, without the assistance of an expert.

How much does the immigration consultant course cost?

CSIC e-Academy has revised the date of the restructuring of tuition fees for all programs to June 22nd 2020. The regular program will increase from $770 to $890 plus tax…

How much is the immigration lawyer fee?

How much does an Immigration Lawyer cost?

Average cost (per hour) $200 to $400
Minimum cost (per hour) $100
Maximum cost (per hour) $600+

How much is a good immigration lawyer?

Most cases that require an immigration lawyer will not cost any less than $1500 to $2000. Location is not as much a factor as an immigration lawyer’s credentials. The amount of knowledge and education plays an important part in the price of an immigration lawyer.

Do immigration consultants make money?

How much do immigration consultants make? According to PayScale Canada, the average salary for an Immigration Consultant is C$46,767 per year. The average annual salary for immigration consultant ranges from $30,732 to $66,965.

How do I become an immigration consultant in Alberta?

Admission Requirements

  1. Successful completion of at least two (2) years of post-secondary education or equivalent; or.
  2. A minimum of two (2) years of related work experience or equivalent; and.
  3. Satisfactory language test score (passing grade of English or French test set by the education provider).

Do I need a lawyer for immigration?

Do you need an immigration lawyer to help you file for your visa? Only specific situations require a lawyer and most applicants don’t require a lawyer; however, a lawyer is still recommended.

How do I choose an immigration consultant?

The top 5 tips to choose an Immigration Consultancy

  1. Google Reviews. Nothing surpasses word of mouth when it comes to endorsing as marketers always tell.
  2. Social Media. View the social media platforms of the prospective agency – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Past record.
  4. Security.
  5. Background Check.

How hard is the Iccrc exam?

That in itself is a difficult task, considering how complex immigration law can be. Therefore, you may need to do further study and preparation to make sure you are ready for the FSE. As nervous as the exam can make you feel, try to spread out your study time and not pull all-nighters right before the exam.

How long is immigration consultant course?

It’s a three-semester program, designed to be completed in one year, and it’s optimized for online learning, meaning you don’t need to go to the Queen’s campus in Kingston, Ontario, to take part.

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How to become an immigration consultant in Canada?

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