How much does it cost to be a member of Belle Meade Country Club?

Resident membership in the Country Club requires that the member pay a $40,000 entrance fee, a $10,000 Certificate of Membership fee and $534.00 of monthly dues.

How many members does Belle Meade Country Club have?

BMCC members, who total over 1,200, use their Club and are highly collegiate with one another, and appreciate the Belle Meade staff, many of whom have been with the club for multiple generations of member families. The overall operation generates revenues in excess of $15.0 M.

How much are country club memberships in Nashville?

Golf Membership Fees

Membership Type Residents Non-Residents
Annual – Individual $570.00 $684.00
Annual – Senior* (valid Monday through Friday only) $380.00 $420.00
Annual – Youth* (valid Monday through Friday and after 2 p.m. on weekends) $240.00 $284.00
Annual – Full-time Metro Employee $400.00 $480.00

How many acres is Belle Meade Country Club?

2,500 acres
In 1916, the club was relocated to its current home on Belle Meade Boulevard. These new grounds were once part of the Belle Meade Plantation, a prominent thoroughbred horse farm of 2,500 acres which surrounded a spectacular antebellum mansion.

Who makes Belle Meade?

Given the barrel proof, this takes water well. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery bottles the Belle Meade line of bourbons, sourced from MGP Distillery. Each batch of Cask Strength Reserve averages around 1,000 bottles; ABV varies between 55% and 60%.”

Does Belle Meade Country Club have black members?

After months of deliberation and hearsay, Pith has it on authority that the tony Belle Meade Country Club has admitted its first resident African-American member.

How much is a Legends club membership?

Not a member at The Legends? Our Daily Fee Loyalty Club is the way to save in 2021! The cost is $129 for the year. 15% off all Daily Fees (include regular, senior and under 35).

How much is a Brentwood Country club membership?

Membership: The club offers several types of membership categories, including individual / family membership with no membership fees. Cost: The monthly cost ranges from 237 per month for a junior membership to 686 per month for a corporate membership. Contact: 1703 Crockett Springs Trail, Brentwood.

Did Belle Meade Plantation have slaves?

The first slaves arrived to Belle Meade in 1807, and as decades rolled on, the number of slaves tripled to 136 of by 1860 based on the 1860 census record. Jones says her new title is one she holds close to her heart.

Who lives in Belle Meade?

Located in the Green Hills / Belle Meade area of Nashville, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman live in an exclusive gated community called Northumberland. The paid $3.47 million for the 12,582 square foot home in 2008. It’s an incredibly regal home, based on the listing photos, with a huge tennis court and pool out back.

Is all Belle Meade MGP?

Much like how the original Belle Meade brand was made by the Nelson Distillery and not actually a Belle Meade product, the new Belle Meade brand is made from a blend of four different whiskies produced by MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

What distillery makes Belle Meade?

Nelson’s Green Brier
Nelson’s Green Brier is a craft Tennessee whiskey distillery, co-founded by brothers Andy and Charlie Nelson, that produces a variety of award-winning offerings under the Belle Meade™ Bourbon brand and is set to release a Tennessee Whiskey later this year.