How much does a traveling cna make per hour?

Traveling CNA Salary

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $44,500 $21
75th Percentile $34,000 $16
Average $33,636 $16
25th Percentile $26,000 $12

What jobs can a CNA hold?

Where Do CNAs Work?

  • Nursing Homes. Around 37% of CNAs work at nursing care facilities.
  • Hospitals. The BLS reports that 27% of CNAs work in hospitals, where they help registered nurses (RNs):
  • Assisted Living and Retirement Communities.
  • Home Healthcare.
  • Government Facilities.
  • Schools.
  • Clinics.
  • Hospice.

What are 3 related careers to a CNA?

Top 5 Careers for CNAs Looking for Advancement

  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Licensed practical nurses work under the direction of doctors and registered nurses.
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Nursing Home Administrator.
  • Geriatric Care Manager.
  • Nurse Educator or Professor.

Is traveling CNA worth it?

This is because traveling CNAs are often compensated well and may get additional benefits that are not usually offered to typical CNA positions. So, being a traveling CNA can be worth it if you are interested in travel nursing jobs and would like to experience the pay benefits.

Can you be a travel nurse with a CNA?

The qualifications that you need to work as a traveling CNA include postsecondary education, certification, patient care skills, and the ability to travel. CNAs typically complete a short-term health care program at a postsecondary institution, then take an exam and register as a nursing assistant.

What is the easiest CNA job?

Of all the CNA jobs I have had, home health is hands down the easiest and most rewarding one, and here is why:

  • When you do home health, it is just you and your patient.
  • Working away from a facility allows for much more flexibility as there are no bosses looking over your shoulder while you work.

What is the next step after CNA?

As a CNA, you can take the next step to become either an LPN or a licensed vocational nurse (LVN). Both are excellent choices, as these careers are estimated to grow by 12%, or 88,900 jobs, over the next five to seven years.

Is it hard to get a CNA job with no experience?

While there are many attractive elements to CNA hospital jobs, it can actually be difficult for certified nursing assistants, geriatric nursing assistants, and others, especially those with no experience, to get hired to work as a CNA by a hospital.

Why do CNA’s make so little?

CNAs have very little control over their schedules. The low wages mean that almost 20 percent of CNAs who work in nursing homes live below the poverty line, and 40 percent rely on public assistance. These conditions lead to high turnover rates and little time, energy, and money to pursue further education.

How do I become a travel CNA?

How do you become a traveling CNA?

  1. Completing a state-approved theory CNA training course. (This can be done in community colleges, high schools, or even online.)
  2. Completing in-person clinical requirements. (Usually a minimum of 75 hours)
  3. Passing a CNA certification exam.