How many schools are in the University of Bamenda?

17 universities
Cameroon, Bamenda – Higher education system There are 17 universities located in Bamenda, which offer 463 study programs.

Is International University Bamenda accredited?

INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF BAMENDA In brief. Established in 1990 with registration number 000056 the University was approved and linked to many international universities for work and studies.

Which division is the University of Bamenda found?

Mezam Division
The main campus of the University of Bamenda is in Bambili, a subdivision in Bamenda, Mezam Division, Northwest region of Cameroon. The village is along the Ring Road northeast of Bamenda. An Anglophone area, many schoolchildren are taught in English, and the use of Pidgin English is widespread.

When was the University of Bamenda established?

University of Bamenda/Founded

When was Ccast Bambili created?

Political changes which gradually severed our historical relation with the republic of Nigeria and brought about independence and reunification with the republic of Cameroon, gave birth to the Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology, (CCAST BAMBILI) in 1962, about 45 years ago.

How many schools are in the University of Buea?

Cameroon, Buea – Higher education system There are 17 universities located in Buea, which offer 302 study programs.

What are the courses offered in the University of Buea?


Course Id Course Name Fees.
3737 Civil Engineering 50000
3735 Computer Science 50000
3733 Electronics and Communication 50000
3731 Information Technology 50000

How many universities are there in Cameroon?

Cameroon – Higher education system The higher education system of Cameroon is represented by 128 universities with 1,950 study programs. In addition 1,060 Bachelor programs at 124 universities, 650 Master programs at 92 universities and 240 PhD programs at 36 universities.

What is the mission of the University of Bamenda?

Mission. The mission of UBa is to equip students with universal knowledge in the arts, sciences and technology. It strives to imbue in the students an overt spirit, reflective of critical and constructive thinking, spontaneous to initiatives and enterprise.

Who is the Minister of National Education in Cameroon?

FAME NDONGO Jacques. THE MINISTER OF HIGHER EDUCATION is responsible for elaborating and implementing Government’s higher education policy.

How many states universities are in Cameroon?

There are eight state-run universities in Buea, Bamenda, Douala, Yaounde I & II, Dschang, Maroua and Ngaoundere.

How many faculties are in the University of Buea 2021?

five faculties
The University of Buea is made up of five faculties (Arts; Education; Health Sciences; Science; and Social and Management Sciences) and one professional school, the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters, (ASTI).