How many Norwegian kroner is a dollar?

Quick Conversions from Norwegian Krone to United States Dollar : 1 NOK = 0.11648 USD

kr 1 $, US$ 0.12
kr 5 $, US$ 0.58
kr 10 $, US$ 1.16
kr 50 $, US$ 5.82

How much is $1 in Syrian pounds?

Convert US Dollar to Syrian Pound

1 USD 1,257.86 SYP
5 USD 6,289.31 SYP
10 USD 12,578.6 SYP
25 USD 31,446.5 SYP

How much is $1 US in Chinese currency?

Quick Conversions from United States Dollar to Chinese Yuan : 1 USD = 6.46433 CNY

$, US$ 1 ¥ 6.46
$, US$ 5 ¥ 32.32
$, US$ 10 ¥ 64.64
$, US$ 50 ¥ 323.22

How much is $10000 US dollars in Guyana?

Currency Converter

9,900 USD to GYD 9,950 USD to GYD 10,000 USD to GYD
$2,078,410.42 $2,088,907.44 $2,099,404.46

How much is rent in Norway?

Rent Prices The average rent across the entire country is 8,740 NOK (952 USD). Keep in mind that when renting in this country, you will be required to put down a large security deposit. This can be between three to six months’ rent!

What is Norway’s currency?

Norwegian krone
Get your money’s worth The Norwegian currency is “Kroner”, which is sometimes mistranslated into “crowns” in English. But whatever we call our money, cash is no longer king in Norway, and almost all establishments accept debit or credit cards.

What is money called in Syria?

Syrian pound

What is good salary Norway?

The salary range for people working in Norway is typically from 24,422.00 NOK (minimum salary) to 72,209.00 NOK (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

Is it cheap to live in Norway?

Yes, Norway is extremely expensive. The average cost of living in Norway will depend on the lifestyle you lead and where in the country you choose to settle. Generally, though, you can expect to spend between 20,000 to 40,000 NOK (2,176–4,352 USD) per month to live in this Nordic country.