How many general education courses do I need UIC?

General Education Program Requirements Complete a minimum of 24 semester hours in general education courses, which must include at least one course in each of the following six categories: Analyzing the Natural World. Exploring World Cultures. Understanding the Creative Arts.

Does UIC have a language requirement?

Foreign Language Requirement The basic requirement is proficiency in a language that has a recognized literature or culture. By completing four semesters of language courses at UIC.

Does UIC have a education program?

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) offers 6 secondary education programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree (depending on the department and program). UIC works closely with the Council on Teacher Education to coordinate its professional education criteria for these degrees.

Is UIC a good school for education?

University of Illinois–Chicago is ranked No. 41 (tie) in Best Education Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

What does general education mean?

General Education is the first part of a degree, before you get into the Area of Study courses (the main classes that define your degree) or top off the degree with Free Electives. Basically, General Education (or Gen Ed for short) is required curriculum that makes up the foundation of an undergraduate degree.

How do I declare a major at UIC?

Change of College/Major/Curriculum

  1. Initiate a request for change of college, major or curriculum by contacting the appropriate college office for approval, in accordance with college deadlines.
  2. The college will evaluate the request and notify the student regarding acceptance.

Does student teaching count towards GPA?

GPA Matters in Your Teaching Degree Program And if you are pursuing an education degree, your GPA determines whether you’ll graduate. This is the cumulative GPA you can see on your transcripts. Within that whole-degree GPA, you’ll also need to meet a minimum GPA for your teacher education classes.

Why general education is bad?

Lacking knowledge about the purpose of certain requirements leads to less motivation, poor grades, and discouragement. General education has major flaws at most colleges. They may go too far in depth into the subject thinking that the students will use the knowledge in future courses or after graduation.

What are the requirements for a bachelors degree at UIC?

Students completing a bachelor’s degree at UIC must fulfill all the requirements of an undergraduate degree program, including General Education requirements. Students should consult their college and department sections of the catalog for information on completing their degree programs, including General Education requirements.

What is the general education program at UIC?

The General Education Program at UIC (sometimes referred to as Gen Ed or GE) has two main components: a grouping of core courses that are clustered around six themes and sets of required proficiencies. The specific requirements vary from college to college.

What are the requirements for University of Illinois at Chicago?

The student meets all other requirements for graduation from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, including a major field and a 2.00/4.00 cumulative GPA in all course work taken at UIC and other institutions.

What can I do at UIC for pre-med?

Pre-Medicine. Students completing a bachelor’s degree at UIC should consult the General Education section of the catalog and their academic advisor to select courses in anthropology, economics, gender studies, psychology, and/or sociology that are approved for General Education. Two of the three courses must be in the same field of study.