How many episodes are there in transformer?

Transformers/Number of episodes

Will there be a Transformers Prime season 5?

Transformers Prime Cancelled After Beast Hunters Story Arc.

Is unicron a Decepticon?

Unicron’s origin has expanded over the years from simply being a large robot to being a god of chaos who devours realities. He often employs the help of Decepticons in his work, and in some stories is considered part of the origin of the Decepticon forces….

Alternate modes Planet X, Cybertronian Tank

What is the name of the bad Transformers?

The Decepticons are the main antagonists in the fictional universes of the Transformers multimedia franchise. They are depicted as a faction of sentient robotic lifeforms led by Megatron, identified by a purple face-like insignia.

Is Transformers available on Netflix?

There have been many generations of the Transformers and some are available to stream on Netflix. If you are a Netflix customer from the USA, unfortunately, none of the live-action adaptations directed by Michael Bay are available to stream at this moment.

How many episodes of transformers are there?

The series has 42 episodes (two sets of three interrelated episodes make up two 90-minute made for TV movies) across three seasons, with many fanservice references to other Transformers shows.

Who are the cast members of Transformers?

The principal cast members were Shia LaBeouf, Jon Voight, and Megan Fox, with Peter Cullen and Hugo Weaving as the voices of the Transformers’ iconic leaders.

What was the first Transformers movie?

Transformers (2007) Transformers is the first film in the series, released on July 3, 2007. It grossed $709.7 million worldwide, and garnered generally favorable reviews. It was directed by Michael Bay from a screenplay by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman from a story by Kurtzman, Orci and John Rogers , and starred Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox .