How long does it take to drive the Lake Michigan Circle Tour?

The driving distance around Lake Michigan is roughly 1,100 miles and will take about 15 hours without stopping. But of course, you will want to stop along the way, so it’s best to plan for about a week if you want to do the whole route!

Is there a scenic drive along Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan Coastal Tour / M-22 Scenic Drive Throughout the year visitors and locals alike flock to Michigan’s west coast to experience some of the most picturesque landscape that Mother Nature has to offer. In the fall, vibrant colors and farm markets line the road of this scenic highway.

Can you drive along Lake Michigan?

Its shores are lined with sand, not jagged cliffs, and its beaches attract festive crowds every summer. It’s the only Great Lake you can circle without a passport, and if you don’t want to drive around the whole thing, you can take a short cut on a car ferry. It’s still a little moody, though.

How long is the circle tour?

6,500 Mile Tour throughout Great Lakes The Circle Tour is over 6,500 miles or 10,500 kilometers long. It encompasses individual lake Circle Tours including New York State’s Seaway Trail system. The road route, marked by distinctive green and white signs, is usually the closest major road or highway to the water.

How long does it take to walk around Lake Michigan?

The Lake Michigan Circle Tour is roughly 1,100 miles long and would take 14.5 hours with no stops.

Can you walk around Lake Michigan?

It’s common knowledge that the public can walk along the Lake Michigan shoreline. You can walk it anywhere on public property. That means public road ends, or the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

What is Lake Michigan’s famous scenic drive?

If you love Lake Michigan, this is the drive for you. Perhaps Michigan’s most famous scenic route, M-22 stretches for over 115 miles along the shores of our beloved Big Lake. Start your journey in Manistee and travel through Benzie and Leelanau Counties before winding up in Traverse City.

How many miles is the Great Lakes Circle Tour?

The 6,500-mile Great Lakes Circle Tour™ is a scenic, international road system connecting the five Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River.

Has anyone ever walked around Lake Michigan?

In 2009, Loreen Niewenhuis walked completely around Lake Michigan. In 2009, Loreen Niewenhuis walked completely around Lake Michigan. This book chronicles that journey, a 1,000-mile walk around the world’s fifth-largest lake.

Are there whales in Lake Michigan?

Of course it didn’t. Whales don’t live in the Great Lakes. But that doesn’t stop visitors – spurred on by ongoing pranks such as the Lake Michigan Whale Migration Station Facebook page – from asking for whale-watching tours. “We get a few a year,” said Mike Norton, who does media relations for Traverse City Tourism.

Is Highway 31 in Michigan Scenic?

Most of Michigan’s Scenic Route 31 is rural, featuring orchards and vineyards, but the byway also sports a few quaint resort towns like Charlevoix. Michigan’s Scenic Route 31 travels along the Lake Michigan shore through northern forests, parks and charming resort towns with Victorian houses.

Is Michigan a scenic state?

Michigan Byways offer a flavor of all the beauty and variety of the Great Lakes State. The exceptional natural beauty and historic, scenic, recreational, and cultural significance have earned these drives to be considered among the top travel destinations.

How long is the Lake Michigan Circle Tour?

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Where to go for a full circle around Lake Michigan?

Travel through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for two nights in delightful Mackinac Island. Explore this one-of-a-kind destination by horse-drawn carriage and enjoy free time at leisure. After completing the full circle around Lake Michigan arrive back in Chicago for a tour of the Windy City before we return home.

Do you get credit for circle around Lake Michigan?

After completing the full circle around Lake Michigan arrive back in Chicago for a tour of the Windy City before we return home. You can earn a $100 Travel Show Credit good for your trip with Holiday Vacations by simply clicking the photo above and watching the online travel show!

What’s the best way to see Lake Michigan?

For an overview of what you’ll see, go to Circling Lake Michigan. For half a Circle Tour, with a short cut by ferry, see Lake Michigan with kids. For details, see Planning a Circle Tour of Lake Michigan, which lists the biggest festivals.