How long does Chobani last past expiration date?

If Greek yogurt is properly sealed and refrigerated at the right temperature, it can be safe to eat yogurt 14 to 24 days after the sell-by date, but the taste will become more sour as the product gets older.

Where is expiration date on Chobani yogurt?

The expiration date on our 32oz containers can be found along the base of the container.

Is Chobani rBST free?

Instead, Chobani remains committed to sourcing the freshest, rBST-free milk possible from the nearly 900 farmers in their local communities—from Chenango County, New York, to Twin Falls, Idaho.

Is Chobani Strawberry Greek yogurt healthy?

Strawberry: This is probably one of the most classic yogurt flavors for any company, and Chobani does a great job capturing this delicious flavor. This yogurt has 0% saturated fat and trans-fat, and makes a great smoothie base.

Is chobani still good after expiration date?

Our products are made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients and no artificial preservatives and can be eaten 60 days from when we’ve made them. Properly refrigerated Chobani® Greek Yogurt products will last until the date listed on each individual container.

Can you eat chobani past expiration?

Hi there, we do consider the date stamped on our lids to be an expiration date. We do not recommend consuming our yogurt past the date stamped.

Are Chobani Greek yogurt drinks healthy?

Grabbing a bottle of Drink Chobani drinkable yogurt is a portable way to get in more of those tummy-pleasing probiotics. Each serving contains around 200 calories, at least 14 grams of protein and 25 percent of the daily-recommended calcium.

Can you eat yogurt 2 months after expiration date?

You can eat yogurt past its “expiration” date or, at least, the sell-by date that’s listed on the yogurt’s packaging. While conventional yogurt isn’t going to last in your fridge for a year, yogurt is generally safe to eat for up to two weeks after you bought it, according to the USDA’s FreshKeeper app.

How do you know if Chobani yogurt is bad?

Look for a larger-than-normal amount of liquid on the surface (don’t worry, Greek yogurt is especially prone to some, but if there’s more than usual that’s a warning sign), a curdling texture near the bottom, and any sign of mold. These indicate the entire product has probably gone bad, say the folks at StillTasty.