How high should you hang a deer feeder?

if your going with the pulley /winch idea with a hanging one id say anywhere from 6 to 8 feet is plenty. i know my feeders serve to keep deer in my hunting areas since i have no crops near by.

Are gravity deer feeders good?

For many people, a simple gravity feeder is the best option, and if you’ve got a small plot of land or don’t mind refilling your feeder, a gravity feeder can be a great option. Advantages of a Gravity Feeder: They’re a great option if you only need a little bit of feed.

How many feeders are needed per acre for deer?

A good rule of thumb is one feeder per 100 acres, depending on the local deer density and habitat quality.

How many pounds does a 30 gallon deer feeder hold?

The 30-gallon hopper will hold 200 pounds of corn per fill. The Gravity kit includes three feeder funnels with adjustable flow.

How high should an automatic deer feeder be off the ground?

38 to 40 inches to the bottom of the tube is a great height for deer. Ideally, the roof is at least 72” or more off from the ground. Use any second-hand metal for the roof of the deer feeder.

Are deer feeders worth it?

Deer feeders have positive benefits if well managed, but making sure that wildlife has access to food plots is a better strategy. Research from South Carolina shows the vast majority of feeder visits by deer were at night. Check your own trail camera pictures and see if this is what you find.

Do deer feeders scare big bucks?

No, spin feeders won’t scare deer. They get used to them, just like they get used to hunters coming and going, vehicles, tractors and other stuff. Mature bucks also will come to feeders.

How long will a 200 lb deer feeder last?

Our feeders use a bag per week with two feedings per day of ten seconds each. In your case I would guess that 200 pounds of corn would last about eight weeks.

How long will a 5 gallon deer feeder last?

At a very moderate feed rate, it will last 2 weeks(2x per day).

What to look for in the best deer feeder?

6 Best Deer Feed For Deer Feeder Reviews 2021 Moultrie Feed Station. Moultrie Feed Station is a gravity feeder that has a sturdy UV-proof construction. Moultrie Tripod Feeders. When it comes to deer feeders, Moultrie is one of the best names to go for. Wildgame Innovations Quick-Set 225. Wildgame Innovations Pail Feeder. AMERICAN HUNTER Digital Hanging Bucket Feeder. Moultrie Directional Hanging.

What is the best feed for wild deer?

Wild deer most often eat leaves, berries, lichen and acorns. While feeding wild deer healthy food is possible, most environmental departments in areas with deer species recommend not doing so, and some prohibit it entirely.

What are deer feeders?

Welcome to deer feeders 101. Deer Feeder: A tool used to supply feed, usually in the form of grain (corn) or a specially blended deer/wildlife feed for nutrition, to deer or wildlife in supplemental feed programs.