How far is Figueres from Girona?

33 km
The journey takes approximately 39 min. How far is it from Figueres to Girona? The distance between Figueres and Girona is 33 km.

How much is a taxi from Girona Airport to Girona?

A taxi will cost just over 25 euros.

Does Girona Airport have a train station?

Girona Airport does not have its own train station and is located in Vilobí d’Onyar, so passengers should go to the nearest train station located in Riudellots, an hour’s walk or 10 minutes by taxi or bus.

How much is a taxi from Girona airport to Blanes?

The quickest way to get from Girona Airport (GRO) to Blanes is to taxi which costs €50 – €60 and takes 24 min.

How long is the train ride from Barcelona to Figueres?

Barcelona Sants to Figueres—Vilafant by train

Journey time From 55m
Distance 74 miles (119 km)
Frequency 8 trains per day
First train 07:05
Last train 21:40

Can you take pictures in the Dali Museum?

Due to strong safety concerns and protection of our grounds, guests, and the building, drone flight or photography (or flight of unmanned, and/or remote controlled aircraft of any kind) originating from or flying over The Dalí Museum property, is strictly prohibited, except in collaboration with The Dalí Museum’s …

Is there Uber in Girona?

Uber does not operate in Girona.

How do I get to Figueres?

By train: With the high-speed AVE train from Girona to Figueres, it is now possible to make this journey in just 14 minutes. By bus: There is a bus from Girona to Figueres, run by the Sagalés bus company. However, it is infrequent and no cheaper than the train. By car: Take the AP-7 toll road from Girona to Figueres.

How far is Salvador Dali Museum from Barcelona?

about 1.5 hours
The Dalí Museum is about 1.5 hours drive from Barcelona in a small town called Figueres. Although this museum is outside of Barcelona many thousands of tourists visit the Dalí museum each year. You can travel to the museum from Barcelona via train, coach, or by driving a car.