How early do I need to arrive at Edinburgh airport?

two hours
We still recommend that passengers arrive at the airport two hours prior to their flight but please check with your airline’s advice as well. And if you aren’t travelling then we ask that you don’t come into the terminal.

What time does the Edinburgh airport open?

3. Re: What time does the airport open? THe airport is 24 hours and the shops start to open at 4am ( I know this because unfortunately I’m there at 4 am working lol!)

How long before flight does check-in open?

Check-in desks will open anywhere between four hours and ninety minutes before a flight’s departure time. Rule of thumb here is to allow three hours before an international flight, two before a European flight and ninety minutes before a domestic flight.

What time does check-in open for international flights?

Usually, check in counters for international flights open three hours before a flight’s departure. Domestic check in counters usually open two hours before departure.

What happens when you arrive at Edinburgh Airport?

When you reach the arrivals hall you’ll get access to the exclusive fastTRACK lane, helping you avoid queues at passport control. It’s perfect if you don’t have any hold luggage, meaning you can glide right through the airport and get straight into your trip!

Can you drink alcohol at Edinburgh Airport?

All Bar One and Wetherspoons at Edinburgh Airport are continuing to serve customers as normal – this includes selling alcohol.

Can you drop your bags off at the airport early?

Typically, airlines allow you to check-in online up to 24 hours before your departure time. You can print baggage tags at these kiosks, but can often only drop off your bags up to three or four hours prior to the departure time (depending on the airline).

Why do you have to be at the airport 3 hours early for international flights?

Both United and American Airlines require travelers to check in at least 60 minutes before most international flights. Another reason to leave three (or more) hours before your international flight: Just because you’re running late, doesn’t mean you can skip to the front of the security line.

Is there free parking at Edinburgh Airport?

We have a free drop-off and pick-up area which is over at our Long Stay car park. Customers can park in the Long Stay for a duration of 30 min free of charge….FREE drop-off and pick-up.

Where is the free pick-up & drop-off zone? Long Stay car park
0-30 mins FREE
30 mins – 1 hour £12.00

Are flights still leaving Scotland?

Scotland’s airports have become mini ghost towns as more airlines join the list of companies grounding aircraft. But planes are still flying to and from Scotland’s airports and terminals remain in operation, if increasingly scaled-down.

Is there a meet and greet at Edinburgh Airport?

AMEY provide Special Assistance at Edinburgh Airport. Does the airport offer a meet and greet service (is someone able to meet me in the car park with Special Assistance)? Yes. There is a pick up/drop off point located in the multi storey car park. Where do I go if I have booked Special Assistance?

Can you buy hand baggage at Edinburgh Airport?

Yes, this can be purchased via the Edinburgh Airport website. Travelling with hand baggage only? If travelling with hand baggage only and if you are in possession of your boarding card, you may proceed straight to security (unless your boarding card indicates otherwise).

How to book Passport Control at Edinburgh Airport?

Book a drive-through PCR swab test at Edinburgh Airport. Dashboards using independent WHO data to help you to make informed travel decisions. Book your fastTRACK passport control now!

When does the Jet2 check in desk open?

The check in desk will open 3 hours before departure. Is there a separate queue for online check-in? No. We ask all customers, with luggage to drop off, to join one queue for our all destination check in. What time will the check-in desk close? The check in desk will close strictly 40 minutes before departure.