How do you use so far in a sentence?

Examples of ‘so far’ in a sentence so far

  1. Three different primaries so far and we have had three different winners.
  2. Their away form has cost them a hatful of points so far this season.
  3. Nobody told me it was so far away.
  4. The effects so far look relatively benign.

What is so far in grammar?

So far means ‘up until here’ or ‘up until now’: I have only met half of the staff so far. I have only met half of the staff up until now.

Which tense is used with so far?

Tense Time words
Present Perfect For; since; yet; never; always; so far; # times; many times; lately; recently; already
Present perfect progressive For; since; lately; recently

Where do we use so far?

If you tell or ask someone what has happened so far, you are telling or asking them what has happened up until the present point in a situation or story, and often implying that something different might happen later. It’s been quiet so far. So far, they have met with no success.

Who said so far so good?

James Kelly’s
Well, so far, so good. This idiom was first recorded in James Kelly’s Scottish Proverbs (1721), where it is defined: “So far, so good. So much is done to good purpose.”

Can I begin a sentence with so far?

As to the sentences about the patient: Both seem okay to me and, yes, mean the same; “so far” could also be placed at the very beginning or very end of the sentence with no change in meaning.

Can I use so far in the beginning of a sentence?

So far can be put at the beginning of the sentence or at the end. So far I haven’t received any answer from you. I am delighted with the reply I have received from you so far.

Is until now correct?

As for “until now,” yes it’s correct English. There are dozens of examples in the Oxford English Dictionary. The earliest one (using “til” instead of “until”) is from the Wycliffe Bible of 1382, the first English version of the Bible.

How do you use tense correctly?

As a general rule, the verb tense you are using should be consistent throughout your sentence and your paragraph. For example, the sentence “We had eaten (past perfect tense) dinner, and then we talked (simple past tense)” should be written as “We ate (simple past tense) dinner, and then we talked (simple past tense)”.

What does Until now mean?

Definitions of until now. adverb. used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time. synonyms: as yet, heretofore, hitherto, so far, thus far, til now, up to now, yet.

Is so far so good an idiom?

Matters are satisfactory up to this point, as in You’ve knitted the main portion of the sweater but not the sleeves? Well, so far, so good. This idiom was first recorded in James Kelly’s Scottish Proverbs (1721), where it is defined: “So far, so good. So much is done to good purpose.”

What do you mean by ” so far ” in English?

Me- It is/has been quite good so far. “So far” means “up to now”, which is what the present perfect continuous also means. So they go together nicely. My bike has been running smoothly so far. I hope it’ll make it through the end of the week without needing to go to the shop.

Which is correct so far or he hasn’t done so far?

e.g.: He didn’t so far. or He hasn’t done so far. I think both are correct, but there is a big difference in meaning. Simple past: In the past he didn’t (answer). But now he finally did. Present perfect: In the past he hasn’t (answered) and he still hasn’t.

Can you use so far with past simple?

Yes, so far can be used with past simple. The expression can mean either “up until now” or “up until then”: So far he had no reason to believe he wouldn’t be able to do it. So far he was disinclined to doing anything about it.

Is the word so far linked to the present perfect?

Note: So far is therefore linked to the use of the present perfect, as the action occurs within an unfinished time period. Still facing difficulties with ‘So far’?