How do you use Dissever in a sentence?

1 A quarrel dissevered the two friends. 2 He dissevered branches from the stem. 3 Can ever dissever my soul from the soul. 4 Human beings cannot dissever the connections with primitive spiritual culture.

What is a synonym for Dissever?

Dictionary of English Synonymes disseververb. Synonyms: disjoin, dissociate, disunite, separate, part, sunder, dispart, divide, rend, sever.

What does Disserving mean?

transitive verb. : to serve badly or falsely : harm.

What does Dissever mean in poetry?

/ (dɪˈsɛvə) / verb. to break off or become broken off. (tr) to divide up into parts.

How do you use Sepulchre in a sentence?

Sepulchre sentence example

  1. His body was sent to Pompey, who buried it in the royal sepulchre at Sinope.
  2. The king desires them to light certain lamps in the Church of the Sepulchre , including “three in our chapel.”

What is the opposite of Dissever?

What is the opposite of dissever?

join link
lower decrease
stop curtail
abridge diminish
halt simplify

How do you spell disserve?

verb (used with object), dis·served, dis·serv·ing. to be a disservice to; serve harmfully or injuriously.

What does Dissever my soul mean?

By Edgar Allan Poe He goes on to say that neither the angels in heaven or the demons who live under the water can stop their love. Nothing in heaven or hell can “dissever” (that means cut or separate) his soul and Annabel’s soul.

Is audaciously a word?

adj. 1. Fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold.

What is the difference between Sepulcher and Sepulchre?

As verbs the difference between sepulcher and sepulchre is that sepulcher is to bury the dead while sepulchre is to place in a sepulchre.

What does Sepulcher mean in the dictionary?

noun. a tomb, grave, or burial place. Also called Easter sepulcher.