How do you see your ranking on Apple music?

Enable and assign star ratings on iPhone and iPad

  1. 1) Open your Settings and select Music.
  2. 2) Under Library, tap to enable the toggle for Show Star Ratings.
  3. 1) Tap and hold a song to open the actions menu.
  4. 2) Select Rate Song.
  5. 3) Choose from one to five stars for your rating and tap Done.

Where are iTunes song ratings stored?

library file
Ratings are stored separately from the media files. To transfer the ratings you need to use the old library file too. Apple’s 6 page, exhaustively meticulous step-by-step instructions: How to move your iTunes library to a new computer –

What do the stars on iTunes songs mean?

Answer: A: The star just means they are ‘popular’ tracks.

Can you still rate songs on Apple music?

To give Apple’s algorithms a steer, you need to tap the Love (heart) icon on the pop-up menu for every song (or album) you like. There’s now also a Dislike option right next to it (with a thumbs-down icon) to tell Apple songs you don’t want it to recommend. You can do this for whole playlists, too.

What is the #1 song on iTunes?

If you prefer, you can check out the chart of the top 100 songs on iTunes. The top 100 chart includes cover art and release dates….Top 200 Songs.

# 1.
Title My Universe
Artist Coldplay X BTS
Genre Alternative
Buy iTunes

How do I transfer song ratings in iTunes?

3 Answers

  1. The trick is to make playlists per rating.
  2. Drag all 1 star items into the 1 star playlist.
  3. Export the playlist/library (this results in an XML file).
  4. Import the XML file on the other computer.
  5. Go to each of the playlists, select everything, right click and give them all the correct rating.

How do I rate songs in iTunes?

Turn ratings on or off

  1. In the iTunes app on your PC, choose an option (Music, Movies, or TV) from the pop-up menu at the top left, then click Library.
  2. Depending on which option you choose above, click Songs, Movies, or Episodes in the sidebar on the left.
  3. Choose View > Show View Options, then select Rating.

Is Spotify better than Apple Music?

Best if you have a big existing music library and want lossless audio. Apple Music has a key advantage over Spotify in that you can combine the songs you already own with the Apple Music streaming catalog. Siri users also get more robust voice controls for playback.

Why are there stars next to songs on Apple Music?

Ideally, a star icon is generally assigned to songs based on their performance. This essentially has to do with how popular the track is and if it is the most track from an album. Earlier, the company used to have star ratings for the tracks, where users also had the ability to rate their favourite songs.

What does rating songs on Apple Music do?

You can assign a rating—from one to five stars—to a song, album, or music video to indicate how much you like it. You can use ratings to help you automatically create playlists or to sort and browse your music library.