How do you quit an after school career in Sims 4?

Students (or their guardians) can quit the class either by visiting the school or by using a computer. The after-school activity will end when teen Sims are about to age up.

How do I sign my kid up for after school Sims 4?

To join an After School Activity just go to your child or teen Sims’ Smart Phone. Select the Career/Household button at the bottom of the phone screen and then click Join After School Activity. Once your Sim starts to use the phone you will get a pop up asking which activity they would like to join.

How do you join Scouts in Sims 4?

Joining the Scouts is a matter of selecting your Child or Teenager, using the phone and selecting ‘Join After School Activity’ or, as a Teen, ‘Find a Job’. Teenagers have more options, but Scouting appears as an option for both. There are no Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, just ‘Scouts’.

How do I quit Scouts?

Tell the Scout troop leader, ‘I want to quit and I am quitting right now. ‘ The Scouts cannot keep you. Do not explain, just stand your ground, say you have better things to do and are quitting.