How do you play Gandhi in Civ 5?

To play Tall, you want to go with Tradition Social Policies, as you’ll only need 3 or 4 Cities to play successfully as Gandhi. I suggest you let the Capital grow a bit before making a Settler and go for an early Wonder like Stonehenge (The Great Library is too risky), chopping down forest to speed it up if you can.

How do you play culture in Civ 5?

You have to eliminate the recalcitrant civilization(s)—simply conquering their original capitol city is not enough. But as soon as the last civilization with more culture than your tourism is eliminated from the game, you will win your cultural victory.

How do you win Civ 5 step by step?

Opening Strategies

  1. Start with a good civilization/leader for small maps.
  2. Trade Caravans are great.
  3. You can trade luxury resources, but do not expect much.
  4. If possible, build cities on coastal tiles.
  5. Trade your embassy to enemies, so you have a few coins from the start.
  6. Creating wonders is important.

Is India a good Civ?

Amenities from present religions, India is one of the best civilizations for a Religious Victory under Gandhi. On the other hand, armed with their powerful Varu, India can also compete for a Domination Victory, particularly under the leadership of Chandragupta.

Is Arabia a good civilization?

Arabia is the best civilizations for rally leaders in your alliance/kingdom. The 5% rally damage boost greatly helps rallies deal more damage to the target….Best Civilization for Rallying & Cavalry Troops.

Buff Boost (%)
Barbs & Neuts Bonus Dmg 10
Rally Bonus Dmg 5

What should I research first in Civ 5?

Which is the first technology you usually research?

  • Pottery. 116 vote(s) 54.7%
  • Animal Husbandry. 37 vote(s) 17.5%
  • Archery. 11 vote(s) 5.2%
  • Mining. 48 vote(s) 22.6%

Why is Civ 5 better than 6?

While Civ 6 was designed to encourage players to sprawl their empire across the map, Civ 5 offers incentives for playing tall as well, consolidating power into a few super-cities. The inability to play a tall game in Civilization 6 is the root cause of many other gameplay changes that separate it from its predecessor.

What is the best Pantheon Civ 6?

The best Pantheon in Civ 6 is “Religious Settlements” because you are able to capture more ground with fewer cities. This enables more flexible location selection for new Cities and allows you to grab vital strategic resources more easily (horses, iron).

Why is India A Civ in Civilization V?

India is a civ that is dependent on a fairly favorable map. Having easy access to multiple distinct luxuries is critical to India’s expansion desires. If you get stuck on a map that doesn’t offer a wide array of available luxuries, then you will find that India will have trouble expanding.

Which is the best Civ to play in India?

Most will play Gandhi peacefully, which is a relatively easy game to play. You should never have Happiness problems, so long as you settle lands with plenty of Luxuries to trade to other Civs and get out several Workers early to get those Cities developed quickly.

How to play Civilization Revolution 5 on Android?

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Who is the Best AI in Civ 5 India?

Gandhi is the AI most likely to build nukes later in the game. He is also a good, loyal ally if you stay on his good side. As you can see, Gandhi is not likely to be deceptive so you can call him an honest and friendly leader. His Cities will be tough to crack due to the likelihood he builds Walls/Mughal Forts in all his Cities.