How do you make a homemade lion mask?


  1. Using a pencil, draw your lion on your paper plate.
  2. Paint your lion.
  3. Once your paint dries, use your scissors and craft knife to cut out different parts of the mask. I snipped out triangles around the mask to create a mane.
  4. Use masking tape to attach a popsicle stick. Rawr!

How do you make a lion mask out of recycled materials?

Cut strips of sugar paper and wrap them around a pencil. Hold them there for a minute and unfurl. Repeat this and then glue the curly strips to your lion mask along with some wool to create a dramatic mane. Roarsome!

How do you make an animal face mask?

The Set-up

  1. Fold your paper in half.
  2. Pre-draw the shape of half of an animal face the paper.
  3. Set the paper up on a table with markers and scissors.
  4. Invite your child to cut the mask out of the paper and then design and create an animal.
  5. Punch holes for the elastic, tie the elastic on, and wear!

How do you make an activity mask?

How To Make

  1. Cut out cardboard that will fit the upper half of their face.
  2. Cut out holes in the eye area.
  3. Decorate the mask in orange and black colours.
  4. Add the golden sequence around the holes cut out for the eyes.
  5. Cut out two circles from cardboard sheet to make ears and stick the brown wool/fur onto the paper.

How do you make a paper plate elephant?

Paper Plate Elephant Instructions

  1. Paint the paper plate.
  2. Cut the bottom and top edges off of the painted paper plate.
  3. Glue the 2 edge pieces of the paper plate together to form the elephant’s trunk.
  4. Glue the elephant’s trunk on the bottom of your cut painted paper plate.
  5. Glue googly eyes on your elephant.

Can you make a lion mask for Halloween?

A simple lion mask is so much fun. You can use them on Halloweens or some fun events. You just need few paper plates and colored papers to make them. You can scare away your friends with these masks. Lion roar is so much fun. You feel you are in the jungle. These are the great lion arts and crafts ideas.

How to make a lion craft for kids?

Heart Lion Paper Craft: It is an easy craft for kids. Cut craft paper in heart shape and fix them for head and body. Make the mane and eyes for the lion. Fix a tail. Let the lion roar. Make the kids cut the heart shapes and glue them. It’s so much fun.

How do you make a lion look like a cat?

Just give them some colored craft paper and cut out few orange and yellow ribbons. The kids would glue these ribbons around the round face of the lion. Fix those googly eyes. Colored ribbons would fly in the air and gives the big cat a nice look.