How do you maintain an aircraft battery?

The battery should be removed from the aircraft and put on a constant current top charge at the C/10 rate until all the cells have reached at least 1.55V each, and for the time specified in the maintenance instructions. This is when we adjust the electrolyte in each cell by adding distilled water as required.

How is an aircraft battery charged onboard?

In the aircraft, the battery charging system is of constant voltage type. An electric generator is connected via the electrical bus to the battery. This is the preferred method to charge lead-acid batteries.

How long do aviation batteries last?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule about how long an aircraft battery should last, but most owners seem to get three to five years out of them.

How do you inspect an aircraft battery?

Aircraft Battery Inspection Inspect battery sump jar and lines for condition and security. Inspect battery terminals and quickly disconnect plugs and pins for evidence of corrosion, pitting, arcing, and burns. Clean as required. Inspect battery drain and vent lines for restriction, deterioration, and security.

What are the two methods of charging an aircraft battery?

There are three common methods of charging a battery; constant voltage, constant current and a combination of constant voltage/constant current with or without a smart charging circuit.

Does the alternator charge the battery aviation?

Most General Aviation airplanes rely on an alternator to provide a steady, reliable source of electrical energy to power electrical components and recharge the battery.

Who makes aircraft battery?

Since 1979 Concorde® Battery Corporation has manufactured aircraft batteries and batteries for shipboard use by the U.S. Military. Concorde® Battery Corporation has provided the Department of Defense with over 150,000 military batteries manufactured to rigid quality requirements.

What does an airplane battery do?

Batteries are used during preflight to power up the electrical system and to start the Auxiliary Power Unit and/or the engines. Once started, the APU or engine(s) drive generators which then power the electrical circuits and recharge the batteries.

How often does an airplane need maintenance?

Commercial airplanes require frequent maintenance to offer a safe flying experience. They typically undergo a basic maintenance inspection once every two days, followed by a more thorough heavy maintenance inspection once every few years.