How do you get unlimited candy in candy clicker?

Click “Get the current game as text”, and locate the line “number gameCandiesCurrent=X”. Just change the number of the code line to however many you want (if you want 9,999 candies, change all three numbers to 9999; no commas).

How do you beat yourself in candy box 1?

Yourself. In the quest “Yourself”, you literally must defeat yourself. This can be done by buying “surpassing yourself” for 1,000,000 Lollipops at the Sorceress’ hut, and then going and defeating yourself. Note that if you have too much HP, this can take a very long time to complete.

How do you get more health in candy box?

If you eat candies later in the game, you increase maximum health points. Due to the formula used, you can only increase your base HP to 1000 by eating candies, which takes 2,673,845 candies – any eaten beyond here will have no effect on your health.

How does Candy Box 2 end?

Going beyond 1630 candies, he continues to dig a hole and find a bunch of candies and continues to eat them. This is the end of the animation.

How do you get the heart plug in candy box 2?

The Heart Plug is an item that can be found in the Cave entrance. To find it, you’ll need to follow the arrows that will randomly appear on the left or right path to finally arrive to a chest. Inside it, you’ll find the heart plug.

What does eating candies do in candy box?

Eating candy increases the players health points. No further effect is shown from eating candies. This can continue indefinitely until the player reaches infinite health, this will last until the next reload of the game.

What does the seed do in candy box?

The Magical seed or Seed is an item that can be made using the Cauldron. Magical seeds can be used during quests. Upon using one, a candy tree will grow in front of the character.

How long does it take to beat candy Box?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main + Extras 3 16h 06m
Completionists 1 10h
All PlayStyles 4 14h 35m

How to enter cheat codes in candy box?

To enter cheat codes in Candy-Box simply do the following: Go to the javascript console of any browser Enter commands like: candies.setnbrOwned = candies.setcandiesPerSecond =

How do you reset your health in candy box?

Read on for how to reset your health. To reset (or increase) the amount of candy you have eaten (and thus your health), enter this code into the console box (replace x with whatever number you want if you want to increase your health instead): This coding can also be used to make yourself truly invincible.

What to do with infinite health in candy box?

If you find yourself fighting yourself with infinite health, use an Escape Potion to leave the quest, and then use the above coding, except with 0 as the value (instead of a negative number) to reset your health. Hard mode: As health in hard mode is unaffected by the number of candies eaten, this alternate method may be used.

How to get Knight body armour in Candy Box 2?

If you want the Knight body armour, locate the “bool eqItemBodyArmoursKnightBodyArmour” code (via the search bar brought up with Ctrl + F) and change “=false” to “=true”, then copy and paste all the code in the box into Load box. The armor can now be equipped from the Inventory tab.