How do you fix a pendulous crop?

Mild cases: A pendulous crop can be emptied in the same way as you would for an impacted crop. Still, vets usually advise only giving a bird drinking water for 24 to 36 hours in mild cases before gradually re-introducing their food to see if the crop will empty.

How do you treat pendulous crops in chickens?

Hold the hen with her head facing the ground and gently massaging the crop towards her head to induce vomiting and empty the liquid in her crop (hold her upside down until the liquid stops coming out of her mouth to prevent her aspirating) Repeat several times a day.

Can chickens recover from pendulous crop?

If her crop has shrunk considerably overnight but still has some food in it, the chicken might just need an easy to digest diet for a few days to empty it completely and give it time to heal a bit. A completely stretched out crop will not heal, but a mild case caught early can heal!

What does pendulous crop mean?

Pendulous crop is an abnormal condition in chickens where the crop becomes distended from its normal position, and fills with ingested feed and fluid. As soon as the bird starts to ingest different feed materials or larger volumes, the gizzard can’t keep up, causing food to be constantly stored in the crop.

What does a pendulous crop look like?

If you see her crop is bulging and sagging and possibly moving around (meaning, it doesn’t feel like a nice, right, round ball about the size of a peach), she might have pendulous crop.

What does pendulous crop feel like?

NORMAL: the crop feels swollen, full after having eaten. NORMAL: the crop feels more swollen than usual, but swelling goes down overnight. ABNORMAL: the crop feels hard and the swelling does not go down overnight.

How long does it take a chicken to recover from sour crop?

If she is on a water only diet it is a maximum of 48 hours. That’s the longest we’ve treated them for and it is usually just 24 hours.

What can I feed a chicken with sour crop?

Natural remedies for sour crop

  • Keep your chicken inside for a few days.
  • Feed her a hard boiled egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon of (unsweetened, plain) applesauce and probiotics and give her access to water with probiotics and electrolytes.

How do I know if my chicken has sour crop?

Foul odor. Another sign of sour crop is a foul odor being released by your chicken. Smell their beak and if you can detect a sour odor similar to fermentation, then most likely your chicken has sour crop. This smell is caused by the overabundance of yeast.

How do you tell if your chicken has an impacted crop?

The best way to tell if your chicken’s crop is impacted is by feeling her crop first thing in the morning. If the crop has not emptied overnight and is still a hard semi-malleable mass, she has an impacted crop. The size of impaction can vary.

Is Sour crop fatal?

Some of the reasons for crop problems are not easily remedied. Marek’s disease is fatal and if the bird has other symptoms of the disease such as ocular or leg paralysis then the bird should be euthanized.

How do you know if your chicken has sour crop?


  1. The crop feels like a balloon which has filled with water.
  2. Classic sour crop has a foul smell and the fluid which is voided is often brown, although this is not always the case.
  3. The hen may frequently flick her head.

What happens to a chicken with pendulous crop?

Incidence of pendulous crop is low in flocks of chickens but appears to be increasing in turkeys. The crop is grossly distended and contains foul-smelling fluid, feed, and litter. Feed utilization is impaired, and severely affected birds become thin or emaciated.

What causes a pendulous crop in a Turkey?

Pendulous Crop in Poultry. The cause is not known, but a hereditary predisposition, potentially associated with hyperphagia, has been suggested in turkeys. Incidence may increase with erratic or excessive feed or water consumption. Vagus nerve damage has also been postulated as a cause in rare cases. There is no known efficacious treatment.

Can a pendulous crop be a stressful event?

Pendulous crop in backyard chickens can be a stressful event to manage. You might even be wondering what pendulous crop even IS, especially if you’re a new chicken mama or papa. Well, I’m not going to pretend pendulous crop isn’t serious – it can definitely be an issue and it must be addressed.

What does it mean when a chicken has a hard crop?

ABNORMAL: the crop feels hard and the swelling does not go down overnight. This could signal a crop impaction, which means food or other fibrous material such as straw is stuck in the crop. ABNORMAL: crop feels squishy and the chicken’s breath smells bad or sour.