How do you beat Protoss as Zerg in Brood War?

When the Protoss fleet is away from an expansion, it should be attacked through drops or a direct assault with a small squad of hydra/ling/defiler. This unit composition nullifies the cannons that will be guarding the base, and any leftover reavers will attack the zerglings while the hydralisks snipe them.

Does Protoss counter Zerg?

The most vulnerable unit of a Zerg are his Overlords when opening with fast Lurkers. Almost any ordinary Protoss transition will be victorious against Lurkers, especially since Zerg will have little to no units to deal with a greater force.

How do you defend Zerg rush as a Protoss?

The easiest is if you see an early spawning pool from zerg. If you know beforehand that your opponent is going for a ling / marine rush, set up defenses. Wall off your ramp and put a zealot on “hold position”, with stalkers in back, and a sentry to forcefield and keep half their units at the bottom of the ramp.

How do you counter Zerg rush?

you can put the space marines behind the depots. the space marines can attac the zerglings. For Terran I just wall in regardless of scouting. For any other race, you must scout early, but preferably just late enough to see the rush coming and respond.

How do you counter siege tanks as Protoss?

Get units that are hard counters (immos) or make him pay for his lack of mobility. Use your stalkers and buy time. You shouldn’t let the tanks reach your base unopposed. Have your stalkers be a little more aggressive earlier, and when he starts pushing, get our stalkers behind his push.

How do you counter carriers as Terrans?

stim marines are pretty much the best counter to carriers you can get. stim marines are pretty much the best counter to carriers you can get.

How do you counter a Protoss carrier?

One of the best ideas to counter a protoss dead-set on going carriers is to scout and provide early pressure if you see him teching quickly to a fleet beacon. He’s probably spending so much money on those buildings that he has a comparatively weak army, and you should be able to do a good deal of damage.

What happens when you beat Zerg rush?

Head over to and type “zerg rush” (without the quotes) into the search field. Clicking on the search icon or hitting return on your keyboard will cause the Google logo to drop tons of little letter Os to attack the entire page, destroying all the search results shown.

How do you play Protoss vs Terran?

The easiest way to lose Protoss vs Terran matches in the late game is to lose to drops. You need to protect your expansions from multi-pronged drops. A good Terran will constantly attack your expansions with 1-2 Medivacs full of Marines and Marauders and often perform several of these attacks at the same time.

What happens if you beat Zerg rush?

Of course, as many disappointed users have pointed out, there’s no real way to beat the Zerg rush. You can click each falling Zergling into obsolescence, but eventually, too many Os will cover your screen. “You can’t win, but you can share your score on Google+.

Does Protoss beat Terran?

General. Protoss units are individually superior. Building up the mechanized tree tends to produce more effective counters; terran infantry, even using the marines and medics combinations, tend to be too fragile, and useful mainly on the defensive. starting in the mid-game.

What’s the difference between Protoss and Zerg in Brood War?

Sometimes, Protoss players that did the Corsair/Reaver build in the Mid-Game will opt to transition into carriers and corsairs. This style of play is covered in its own section below. Late game Zerg vs. Protoss consists of a battle for bases between the two races.

What’s the best opening strategy for a Protoss?

Before I begin, one last tactical note: Especially if you are facing zerg, and sometimes on T/P, you want to wall off your ramp. This can be done a variety of ways, if it is against Zerg you want to do it with a Pylon + Gateway + Zealot (practice against AI, place your hole for the Zealot between the two).

How many Zerg build orders are there in StarCraft?

List of all Zerg Build Orders. The following 78 pages are in this category, out of 78 total.

Where do I find the build order for Protoss?

(Build Order is listed by supply, the number on the left being at what supply you should start building that structure/unit) Before I begin, one last tactical note: Especially if you are facing zerg, and sometimes on T/P, you want to wall off your ramp.