How do students receive announcements in canvas?

If you would like to receive a notification for an announcement you created, you need to update your Canvas notification preferences. From Canvas (, click on Account and Notifications in the left menu.

What is a canvas notification?

Canvas notifications is an automatic way to stay abreast of activity in your courses as well as contributing to regular effective contact with your students.

How do I set my canvas notification preferences as a teacher?

SMS notifications are only available for Announcements and Grading notification types.Open Notifications. In Global Navigation, click the Account link [1], then click the Notifications link [2].Set Text Notifications. Set Slack Notifications.

How do I turn off notifications on canvas?

Disable/Enable Notifications in Canvas by CourseOn the homepage for the course, click on the View Course Notifications button as shown in the image below.This will bring up the Notification settings screen.Click on the Enable Notifications button to toggle the Notifications on and off.

How do I favorite a course on canvas?

To favorite a course, click the star next to a course [1]. Courses with filled stars show the course is a favorite [2]. Notes: After you have manually favorited at least one course, Canvas automatically favorites any new published course enrollments for you.

How do I customize my canvas dashboard as a student?

View All Courses and Customize Your DashboardWithin Canvas, click on Courses on the left to expand the Courses menu, then click “All Courses”.This is your full course list, which includes current, past, and future courses. Click on Dashboard to return to your dashboard.

How do you find missing assignments on canvas?

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What does it mean when a quiz is muted on canvas?

By default, Canvas allows students to see assignment grades as soon as the instructor has graded the assignment. A muted assignment displays a “mute” icon on the student grades page so students know the assignment is muted.

Can you archive assignments in canvas?

Gather Data – Download any assignments, course surveys, quizzes or exam results to archive them locally on your computer or flash drive. For Assignments: Click on Assignments > Select Download Submissions from the right-navigation.