How do I view previous grades on Blackboard?

Grade HistoryAccess the Grade History page from the Reports menu in the Grade Center.Access the Show Entries from Past menu, select a range, and select Go.To sort items, select a column heading such as Date or Value.In two situations, you may see Blackboard Administrator listed in the Last Edited By column:

How long does it take for a class to show up on blackboard?

When you register for a class you are automatically enrolled into the Blackboard system for that course within approximately 6 hours.

How do I add a course to Blackboard student?

How to Manually Enrol onto a Blackboard CourseThe Courses Tab. Log into Blackboard. Course Search Box. Type the Course Name into the Course Search box and click Go or press the Enter key.Find Course and Enrol. The course you are searching for should be displayed. Enrol button. A small menu will appear, click on Enrol.Access code?

How do I add a class to Blackboard?

Create a courseOn the Administrator Panel, in the Courses section, select Courses.Point to Create Course and select New. You can merge existing sections, allowing instructors to manage multiple sections of the same course through a single master course. Provide the course information. Select Submit.