How do I know if Im bipolar?

Symptoms – Bipolar disorder

  1. feeling sad, hopeless or irritable most of the time.
  2. lacking energy.
  3. difficulty concentrating and remembering things.
  4. loss of interest in everyday activities.
  5. feelings of emptiness or worthlessness.
  6. feelings of guilt and despair.
  7. feeling pessimistic about everything.
  8. self-doubt.

Can bipolar go undiagnosed?

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health problem that often goes undiagnosed, misdiagnosed and untreated. Bipolar disorder may be confused with many other mental and behavioral disorders. Untreated bipolar disorder can lead to social, emotional and financial problems as well as substance abuse and suicide.

Is there a test for bipolar?

There are no specific blood tests or brain scans to diagnose bipolar disorder. Even so, your doctor may perform a physical exam and order lab tests, including a thyroid function test and urine analyses. These tests can help determine if other conditions or factors could be causing your symptoms.

What to do if you think you have bipolar?

If you think you have a bipolar disorder, make an appointment to see a mental health professional who has expertise in the area of bipolar disorder. It’s important that you learn whether or not your hunch is accurate.

What are signs that a man is bipolar?

The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in Men. Bipolar disorder’s manic states are characterized by symptoms such as trouble sleeping, speaking very fast, restlessness, excitability, impulsive behavior, reckless behavior, and more.

What should I know about being bipolar?

One of the first things you should know about bipolar disorder is the definition. According to WebMD, bipolar disorder is noted for causing severe changes in mood. A person with bipolar disorder can go from feeling euphoric, energetic, and powerful to feeling completely worthless and fall into a deep depression.

How do I know if I am bipolar?

According to the DSM-5, tell-tale signs of bipolar disorder symptoms include: Manic episodes. Extremely high self-esteem or grandiosity. Reduced need for sleep. Talking more than usual, often loudly and quickly.