How do I import audio into omnisphere 2?

Selecting “User Audio” from the Utility Menu will display a File Dialog prompting you to navigate to the audio file or directory. Navigate to the folder or file you wish to import and click “Open.” The import process will begin and your selection will be added to the User Soundsources directory in Omnisphere.

How do I add library to omnisphere?

Open the file and your installation is complete!

  2. Locate your Spectrasonics Steam* folder and copy the folder of the Producer’s name (i.e. ‘Peter James’ ) and it’s contents into this location:
  3. Steam/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Patches.

How do I install patches in Omnisphere 2?

Select the Library folder and double-click the ‘Application Support’ folder. Where to place the Patches: Now locate your ‘Spectrasonics’ folder and go to ‘STEAM’, ‘Omnisphere’, ‘Settings Library’. Here you will find a ‘Patches’ and a ‘Multis’ folder.

How do I import Keyscape into omnisphere?

To switch to the Omnisphere interface, just click on the “X” in the top left of Keyscape’s interface: Conversely, selecting the KEYSCAPE button on the Omnisphere interface when a Keyscape Patch is loaded will return you to the Keyscape Custom Controls page.

What does omnisphere 2 come with?

Omnisphere 2 includes a standalone application and VST/AU/AAX plug-in platforms that work in all the major DAWs and hosts. What is the STEAM engine? STEAM™ is our in-house core technology that is the foundation of Omnisphere, Trilian and a new generation of Spectrasonics instruments.

How do I import Keyscape into Omnisphere?

Where are omnisphere presets stored?

The data files for Omnisphere are stored in your STEAM folder. When you update your patches or soundsources, you are updating files in your STEAM folder, which was created when you originally installed Omnisphere. Your STEAM folder is located inside your Spectrasonics folder.