How do I get most recent News Feed on Facebook app?

To find the ‘Most Recent’ button on Facebook for Android:

  1. Once you enter the app, Android users should have a new ‘feed filter’ row at the top of the page when they scroll up, which includes ‘Home’, ‘Favourites’ and ‘Recent’
  2. Select ‘Recent’

How do I post on Facebook News Feed?

How do I share a post I see on my News Feed on Facebook?

  1. Share Now.
  2. Write Post. Post. To share to a friend’s timeline, tap Share to Facebook and select Friend’s Timeline. Type your friend’s name, then tap Post. audience selector.
  3. Send as Message. Send.
  4. Share in a Group. Post.
  5. Share to a Page. Post.

Why is my Facebook not showing posts?

– Make sure you’re using the most updated version of the app or browser; – Restart your computer or phone; – Uninstall and reinstall the app, if you’re using a phone; – Log into Facebook and try again.

How do I restore my Facebook News Feed?

Facebook Help Team If any of your feeds are blank, close and reopen Facebook to refresh your News Feed or update the browser you’re using. If that doesn’t work, please use the “Report a Problem” link on your account to let us know more about what you’re seeing.

Where can I See my newsfeed on Facebook?

You can even create story highlights to display them on your Facebook profile. Posts published on your newsfeed are viewable on Facebook mobile apps (Android and iOS), the Lite app on Android, and the website. Stories are accessible via Facebook mobile apps, its website, the Lite app, and Facebook Messenger.

How does the news feed work on Facebook?

The news feed is the core functionality of Facebook and has been part of it since the very beginning. If you post an update on News Feed using the ‘What’s on your mind’ box, it will appear on your wall, or timeline, whatever you like to call it. You need to scroll down to find new content.

How do you get the most recent posts on Facebook?

To do so, launch the Facebook app on your device. Now tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner. Scroll down and select ‘Most Recent’. This will refresh your News Feed and show you the most recently posted content at the top of your Feed. Can you make ‘Most Recent’ the default for your News Feed?

How do I sort my news feed on Facebook?

You will be greeted by the News Feed page. In the left panel, click ‘See more’. Now scroll down and click ‘Most recent’. The Facebook News Feed will refresh and now show you the most recently posted content at the top. You can also sort your News Feed on the Facebook mobile app.