How do I fix red X on my iPod classic?

You need to restart your iPod before putting it into Diagnostic Mode. Check that your hold switch is off by sliding the switch away from the headphone jack. Toggle it on and off to be safe. Press and hold the following combination of buttons simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds to reset the iPod.

What was the last iPod?

iPod Touch (6th generation)

iPod touch (6th Generation) in Pink
Manufacturer Foxconn
Product family iPod
Release date July 15, 2015
Discontinued older versions: July 27, 2017 (16 and 64 GB); May 28, 2019 (32 and 128 GB)

What was the first iPod called?


Model Generation Original release date
Classic 1st October 23, 2001
First model, with mechanical scroll wheel. 10 GB model released later.
2nd July 17, 2002
Touch-sensitive wheel. FireWire port had a cover. Hold switch revised. Windows compatibility through Musicmatch.

Why is my iPod red?

Orange: Low charge. Red: Very low charge. No light: No charge* Blinking orange: Device is in use as a disk.

How do you fix a corrupted iPod classic?

Connect the device to the USB cable, press MENU+SELECT like a standard reset but keep holding for 12 seconds. The device should reboot as normal and then the screen should go blank. Now open iTunes and try to restore again. If all else fails try Erase your iPod – The Super Fix for most iPod Problems.

Do iPod Shuffles still work?

The End of the iPod Shuffle After 12 years on the market, Apple discontinued the iPod Shuffle in July 2017. Even though there are no new models, the Shuffle still a great device for many users. Even better, it can be found both new and used for attractive prices.

Why do I get a red X on my iPod?

There may be nothing else you can do to fix it. 99% of the time the red X indicates the iPod’s hard disk has failed. The other 1% is a different hardware failure. If you enabled disk mode, does the iPod appear if you launch Disk Utility on your Mac?

Where is the Apple logo on my iPod?

During the stage 2 of the restore process, the iPod will show an Apple logo as well as a progress bar at the bottom of the display. It is critical that the iPod remains connected to the computer or iPod Power adapter during this stage. Note: The progress bar may be difficult to see since the backlight on the iPod display may be off.

What did I mean to write red circle with red X in it?

I meant to write red circle with red X in it. Your buggered mate! Mine has just done the same after skipping a load of tracks. The hard drive is now fooked and looks like there’s no option of recovery regardless if your still covered under warrenty. There seems to be a lot of this happening at the moment… Thanks.