How do I find old obituaries in Kentucky?

Public libraries are your best bet for a historical document, along with a couple of other repositories including state archives and historical/genealogical societies. All libraries have records of newspapers, both existing and historical, and have trained staff that could perform an obituary search for you.

How do I find death records in Kentucky?

Application forms and instructions for birth, death, and marriage certificates can be acquired from the Office of Vital Statistics. Kentucky death certificates are also on microfilm at the Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives, beginning with 1911.

How do I find my Kentucky birth records?

With approximate birth years and places, you can locate birth records from 1852-1910 on microfilms available through the Family History Library (films 1533971-1533979 and films 174932-174943), Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives, Frankfort (films 994027-994058), Filson Club, Louisville (film 929.3 K37v, 32 …

Are death records public in Kentucky?

Records of death that occurred within the jurisdiction of Kentucky are open to the public. Interested persons may access these records from the state’s custodians without additional documentation.

Are birth certificates public record in Kentucky?

Kentucky Birth Records are not public information, and are strictly available to the subject, their parent/legal guardian and the subject’s legal representative.

How to apply for a vital record?

Download and complete the appropriate form.

  • Determine search fee for record and necessary documents. A search fee must accompany all requests for copies of vital records.
  • or mail request to Jefferson City.
  • What is a vital record?

    A vital record is a government document containing information about a person’s important life events. Examples of vital records include birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates. In the United States, vital records are typically issued and maintained at…

    What is a vital record office?

    The Office of Vital Records preserves birth, death, marriage and divorce records which occur in Nebraska. The records maintained by this office are issued as legal certified copies and are printed on multi-colored security paper with a digitally enhanced state seal.