How do I contact Rapid Cash?

In some instances, we may need additional information to approve your loan, but we will work with you to get that information.

  1. Phone: 1-888-333-1360.
  2. Español: 1-855-734-0111.
  3. Find a Store: 1-866-91-MONEY.
  4. Fax: 1-888-333-0568.
  5. Email: [email protected]

What is speedy cash customer service number?

Loan By Phone Process A: To apply for a loan by phone, give one of our friendly phone representatives a call at 1-888-222-1014.

Will speedy cash take you to court?

If you don’t repay your loan, the payday lender or a debt collector generally can sue you to collect. If they win, or if you do not dispute the lawsuit or claim, the court will enter an order or judgment against you. The order or judgment will state the amount of money you owe.

What happens if you don’t pay back a tribal loan?

If you took out a loan and are unable to pay it, they will most likely sue you. For your information, a tribal entity has sovereign immunity which means that they cannot be sued. However, if you file for bankruptcy, that should not matter.

Can I go to jail for not paying a payday loan in Texas?

No, you cannot be arrested for defaulting on a payday loan. However, if you are sued or a court judgment has been entered against you and you ignore a court order to appear, a judge may issue a warrant for your arrest.

Can you go to jail for not paying a tribal loan?

A court can only order jail time for criminal offenses in the US, and failure to repay debt is not a criminal offense. Lenders can only take you to civil court – not criminal court.

Does Speedy Cash do a hard inquiry?

The application process for a Speedy Cash loan is fairly straightforward. Here’s the personal information you’ll need when you apply. Speedy Cash will perform a credit check once you apply — which could negatively affect your credit scores by a few points.

Do payday loans check your bank account?

Payday lenders ask for your account number and routing number for several reasons. Verify your bank account. Most loans require you to have an operating bank account to qualify. This is an easy way to verify that you’re eligible.

Is Speedy Cash a payday loan?

That’s why we offer easy, consumer-friendly loan products that get our Customers in and out of Speedy Cash stores quickly. We feature payday loans, title loans, personal line of credit loans, and installment loans – all of which are simple to apply for.

Who is the owner of 500fastcash loan company?

500FastCash is a loan company headquartered in Miami, Oklahoma. The company is owned by Red Cedar Service, Inc. It has affiliated companies in the US and Poland. After online application is reviewed and signed, loan is approved.

How long does it take to get money from 500fastcash?

Clients of 500FastCash receive their money usually within 24 hours. 500FastCash gives credits to employed people over 18 with active checking account. Two references are also needed to prove personality of a client.

How to get a 500 fast cash advance loan?

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