How do I contact Long Island Medium?

Write her a letter.

  1. Send your letters to: Theresa Caputo, PO Box 490, Hicksville, NY 11802.
  2. Keep in mind that since this isn’t the preferred method of requesting a reading, it might taken longer to get a response, or you might not get one at all.

Is the Long Island Medium still doing readings?

Recently, she did a winter tour in the US and a spring tour in 2019 in Canada. For 2020, she had a spring tour planned but had to reschedule it into the Fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She is still doing private readings as well, according to her website.

Has Long Island Medium been Cancelled?

Has Long Island Medium been Cancelled? Yes, the show is no longer filming. The last Long Island Medium season was the 14th and it premiered in October of 2019 on TLC. After spanning nine episodes, it ended on December 2019.

How much is Long Island Medium worth?

Theresa Caputo is reportedly worth $3million, according to Celebritynetworth. Fans of the show who want to book a reading with the famous psychic will have to join an extremely long waiting list, and Theresa says there was a two-year waiting list for consultations even before her show aired in 2011.

Why did Long Island Medium get divorced?

When did they divorce? The two divorced in 2018 after 30 years of marriage. The former couple – who remained friends after their divorce – broke things off after Larry claimed that they were no longer spending time together. On an episode of Long Island Medium, he once ranted to his friends about what had gone wrong.

Will Long Island Medium be on in 2021?

Theresa Caputo — the Long Island Medium herself — is on tour in 2021, and she’s headed to a venue near you soon! If you’re a fan of her hit TLC television show and her uncanny ability to communicate with the beyond, then you’ll want to score the best tickets for the acclaimed psychic’s upcoming show near you.

How much does Long Island Medium get paid?

According to Nicki Swift, Theresa reportedly made around $25,000 per episode of Long Island Medium. With well over 100 episodes filmed since it debuted, she potentially raked in $2.5million thanks to her hit show.

Did Long Island Medium get divorced?

TLC stars Theresa and Larry Caputo got divorced in 2018, after 28 years of marriage. Season 12 of Long Island Medium captured the slow demise of the relationship — and while many viewers expected Larry to vanish from the show that didn’t quite happen.

Are Larry and Theresa back together?

In June 2018, he told news outlets that he had found love again. In his words, “I have moved on. I’m fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special. But I’ll just leave it for that now.” He also shares a close bond with his children and keeps in regular touch with them.

How to contact wikiHow from Long Island NY?

Be as specific as possible. Include your first and last name, press credentials, e-mail address, and phone number. Provide a brief description of what you are hoping to arrange, along with the medium of publication you plan to use—namely, print or digital.

How can I contact Theresa from Long Island Medium?

You can also send her fan mail through her website, by using social media, or through her fan club. If you’re a journalist with press inquiries, there are several options for contacting her. Fill out the contact form on her website. Theresa’s website has a “Contact” page, which is her preferred method for requesting a reading.

How to get an appointment with Theresa Caputo, so you can?

You can fill out the contact form on her website, but the site warns that prior to the reality show she was already booked for two years, so now you can only imagine how long the waiting list is nowadays. Also, filling out the form doesn’t guarantee you an appointment. Besides that, there’s really no other way to make an appointment, unfortunately.

Where to send fan mail to Long Island Medium?

The address is the same one used for reading requests and fan mail: Theresa Caputo, PO Box 490, Hicksville, NY 11802. Include the specific details of your request along with your first and last name, press credentials, e-mail address, return address, and phone number. Visit the Discovery press website.