How do I check if I entered the congestion charge zone?

If you’ve driven into the Congestion Charging zone there’s no way to find out if your vehicle’s number plate was recorded or not, other than wait to see if you get a letter or fine through the post.

Where does the London Congestion Charge start?

The Congestion Charge Zone covers most of central London including the City of Westminster, the City of London and parts of the London Boroughs of Camden, Lambeth and Southwark.

What zones do you pay congestion charge?

The Congestion Charge applies between 7am and 10pm, seven days a week, except Christmas Day. The Congestion Charge costs £15 if you pay in advance or on the same day….London’s congestion charge zone currently covers the following areas:

  • St. James’s.
  • St. Pancras.
  • Euston.
  • Barbican.
  • Waterloo.
  • Borough.
  • City of London.
  • Clerkenwell.

Where is the ULEZ and congestion zone?

central London
The ULEZ covers central London, in the same area as the Congestion Charge. The LEZ operates across most of Greater London. The charges only need to be paid if you drive your vehicle within the zone.

How do I know if I have to pay congestion charge Birmingham?

You can find out if you will be charged by inputting your vehicle registration details into the Government vehicle checker.

What times does the congestion charge apply?

The Congestion Charge is a £15 daily charge if you drive within the Congestion Charge zone 07:00-22:00, every day, except Christmas Day (25 December). The easiest way to pay is by setting up Auto Pay. Exemptions and discounts are available too.

Will my car be affected by ULEZ in 2021?

From 25 October 2021 the ULEZ boundary will be expanded from central London to create a single larger zone up to the North and South Circular Roads. Vehicles using these roads and not going into the ULEZ will not be charged.

How do I avoid congestion zone on Waze?

Open the Waze app.

  1. Tap “Search” in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the gear icon, located in the top-left corner of the screen, to open the app’s settings menu.
  3. Choose the “Navigation” option.
  4. Slide the “Avoid toll roads” toggle to the right.

When to pay for London Congestion Charge Zone?

If your journey takes you into the charging zone you can either set up automatic payment, pay in advance or before midnight that day, or, for a little extra, pay before midnight the following charging day. Zone operates: 7am to 6pm on weekdays excluding bank and public holidays.

How can I find out if my street is in congestion charge zone?

Enter a street name, postcode or landmark in the search box to see its location in relation to the charging zones. View zones to show/hide their areas. To see if an address is inside or outside the zones, use the postcode search instead.

What’s the easiest way to pay the congestion charge?

The easiest way to pay is by setting up Auto Pay. Exemptions and discounts are available too. We’ve introduced temporary changes to the daily charge, operating hours and days in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Is there a congestion charge on Christmas Day?

Congestion Charge: No charge 18:00-07:00 on weekdays or on weekends, public holidays or any days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. ULEZ and LEZ: Operate midnight to midnight, every day of the year.