How do I change my GP center?

You can change your GP at any time you wish without having to give a reason. If you tell your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that you want to change your GP, they must give you details of how to do so and provide you with a list of alternative GPs. You do not need the consent of your GP to change GPs.

Can you choose where to have surgery?

You have the right to: choose your GP surgery, unless there are reasonable grounds to refuse (for example, you live outside the area that the surgery covers)

How do I choose a GP surgery?

How do I find a surgery?

  1. Ask local people: your new neighbours can give you a good idea as to which doctors are thought of highly in the area.
  2. Use local services: you can find lists of GP surgeries in the local phone directory, public library and Citizens Advice Bureau.

Can I choose my surgeon NHS?

All the hospitals or services you are able to choose from provide treatment to NHS patients free of charge, including private hospitals. You have a legal right to choose where you are referred to for your first outpatient appointment if: Your GP needs to refer you for non-emergency treatment or tests.

Can I change GP surgery?

You can change your GP surgery if you need to. This might be because: you have moved. you have had problems with your current practice.

How long does it take to change GP?

How long will my records take to move? Practitioner Services aims to transfer paper records between GP practices within six weeks of registration.

Can my GP remove me from their list?

Your GP will normally explain the problem to you and try to resolve it. They may ask to see you or may write to you. If the problem can’t be resolved, the GP will normally advise you in writing that you may be removed from their list. Patients cannot be removed from a GP’s list because they’ve made a complaint.

Do I have the right to request a female doctor?

Yes. According to the Good Medical Practice guideline, you have the right to ask your hospital doctor not to inform your general practitioner or other healthcare professional about your treatment, condition or medical history.

Can you pick your GP?

Patients are permitted to change GPs for any reason. It may be something you choose to do because of personal preferences, or after hearing about a specific service offered at a different GP practice.

What should I look for in a GP?

Things to consider when choosing a GP

  • Hours. A GP is often your first point of contact when medical emergencies happen.
  • Location. Can you get there easily?
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • Home visits.
  • Type of practice.
  • Qualifications and specialty.
  • Billing and costs.

Do NHS surgeons get paid per operation?

Private hospitals contracted by the NHS are also paid according to how many patients they treat. There can therefore be a financial incentive for doctors and hospitals to over-treat. This does not exist in the NHS, where clinicians receive an annual salary or are paid per shift if they are locums.

Do doctors get offended if you get a second opinion?

In serious cases, it can even save your life. But, pursuing a second opinion can add more stress to the situation if you are afraid your current doctor could get offended, resulting in a conflict. While it is not impossible for a doctor to get offended, thankfully it happens less than you may fear.

Do you have the right to choose your GP?

The NHS Constitution gives people living in England the right to choose where to receive treatment. You have the right to: choose your GP surgery, unless there are reasonable grounds to refuse (for example, you live outside the area that the surgery covers)

How can I find the best GP surgery in my area?

People enter their postcode and can compare GP surgeries in their local area. The Department of Health believes the statistics, embracing 8,000 practices in England, will help people choose a good surgery, while encouraging family doctors to make improvements.

Can a GP surgery accept you without a home visit?

The surgery will decide if they can accept you as a regular patient or accept you without home visits. Because of the distance to your home, the GP surgery might not be able to offer home visits.

Can a GP in the UK register a new patient?

Since January 2015, GP practices in England are able to register new patients even if they have a home address that’s outside their practice boundary zone. The surgery themselves can decide if it is appropriate for you to be registered.