How do I access my ubiquiti NVR?

There are two ways to access the portal: Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool For users with a DHCP‑enabled LAN and using the Chrome browser. Direct Connection to UniFi NVR Configure the UniFi NVR by connecting it directly to your computer via Ethernet.

How do I view ubiquiti camera?

View live camera streams To view a specific live stream using the Protect web application, click the Devices tab and select the Live Feed of the desired camera. To view a live stream in the UniFi Protect mobile app, tap on the desired camera feed on the home screen.

Does Ubiquiti NVR work with other cameras?

What cameras and other devices are compatible? UniFi Protect is compatible with all G2, G3, and G4 cameras and doorbells with the prefix UVC (UVC, UVC-G3, and UVC-G4), as well as all Protect IoT devices with UFP and UP prefixes.

What is UniFi Access application?

UniFi Access (UA) is a POE-powered door access control system that supports your electric bolts and strikes, magnetic locks, motion sensors, push buttons, alarms, and other 12V access accessories. With your Unifi Access application, you can also conveniently manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies.

Do UniFi cameras support Onvif?

UniFi Protect does not support ONVIF, meaning that only Ubiquiti UniFi Cameras are supported.

How do I access UniFi NVR remotely?

Remote VPN access You can also access your UniFi Video installation by configuring a VPN that directly connects to their setup from the Internet. This requires configuring the VPN through your gateway, as well as setting up the VPN client on the device from which you would like to access the UniFi Video application.

Is UniFi Protect software free?

No Subscription Fees: With UniFi Protect, there are no subscription fees to worry about whatsoever.

How do I connect to ubnt?

Steps: How to Connect to an airMAX Device (Direct)

  1. Set your computer to the 192.168.
  2. Connect the airMAX radio to the port labelled PoE on the power injector.
  3. Connect your computer’s Ethernet port to the LAN port of the same power injector.
  4. Once connected, launch your web browser and enter 192.168.

How do I log into my ubiquiti router?

Ubiquiti Networks Router Login Open your web browser of choice and type IP address of your Ubiquiti Networks router in the address bar. You can find the ip address on the back of your router. Now enter the default username and password of your router by accessing the admin panel.

What locks work with UniFi access?

Designed specifically for Access Reader devices, the Access Card offers more sophisticated smart card security than standard NFC cards*. * Both are compatible with the UA Pro. UniFi Access works with most electric bolts, magnetic locks, and electric strikes.

How do you use Ubiquiti?

  1. Step 1a: connect the access point. Take the power cable and network cable for the access point.
  2. Step 1b: Connect with Power over Ethernet. Ubiquiti access points also all work via Power over Ethernet.
  3. Step 2: install the software. Open the download page of Ubiquiti in an internet browser.
  4. Step 3: set up the access point.

When do I need a backup for my NVR?

ATTENTION:A backup of the NVR’s configuration will be needed to retain all settings. In general, a best practice is to create a backup whenever any additional cameras have been added, a password has been changed, or there has been any other configuration change on the NVR.

How to troubleshoot an NVR that will not start?

Additionally, there will be no further updates to Help Center content pertaining to UniFi Video. This article will assist in troubleshooting an NVR that will not start: it yields a page with a “Starting Controller Services” message without ever yielding a login page.

Can a Ubiquiti router use unifi video software?

UniFi Video is EoL as of Jan 1 and no longer a thing. Protect has always been only available on Ubiquiti NVR devices, such as your Cloud Key Gen2 Plus. Ok. My home is VPN site-to-site with office with ubiquiti routers.

When to create a backup for unifi video?

In general, a best practice is to create a backup whenever any additional cameras have been added, a password has been changed, or there has been any other configuration change on the NVR. If at this moment a recent backup is not available, and the UniFi Video UI is inaccessible, find suitable backup files in: