How did Sehun get into SM?

SEHUN was cast from the casting manager while he was eating food on the street at the age of 13. Since then, SEHUN got interested in the entertainment industry and took auditions for a total of four times. Finally, he became a trainee at the SM Entertainment when he was in the second year of middle school.

Is Baekhyun still in EXO?

Since 2015, Exo have exclusively performed as one group while continuing to release and perform music in multiple languages. Members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin debuted as the sub-unit Exo-CBX in 2016, and members Sehun and Chanyeol began promoting as the sub-unit Exo-SC in 2019.

How tall is Sehun?

6′ 0″

How old is Sehun?

27 years (April 12, 1994)

Oh Se-hun (born April 12, 1994), also known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, model and dancer. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo, its sub-group Exo-K and sub-unit Exo-SC. Apart from his group’s activities, Oh has also starred in various television dramas …

Who trained the longest in EXO?

EXO Suho
Here are some who trained the longest before they were able to finally debut. 1. EXO Suho – 7 Years 2. Red Velvet Seulgi – 7 Years 3.

Who is the best dancer in EXO?

As Exo’s main dancer, Kai dominates the stage with his powerful but graceful movements, but in his free time he turns into an introverted bookworm and loves talking about the novels he is reading. Kai from Exo, one of K-pop’s most popular and successful boy bands.

Is Kai Baekhyun leaving EXO?

Lee also told fans he wanted to unite fandoms from different SM Entertainment K-pop groups. EXO fans are unhappy that Baekhyun and Kai will be taken away from the group around the same time an EXO comeback is expected. Baekhyun is 27 years old and will have to enlist in the military soon.

Is Kai a SuperM or EXO?

He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo, its sub unit Exo-K, and South Korean supergroup SuperM. He debuted as a soloist in November 2020 with the release of his extended-play, Kai (开)….Kai (entertainer, born 1994)

Associated acts Exo Exo-K SM Town Younique Unit SuperM
Korean name
Hangul 김종인

Is Kai tall?


Who is the tallest KPop Idol?

Korea Pop – The Tallest Idols. The two tallest KPop idols today are Rowoon (192cm) of SF9 and Uiyeon (also at 192cm) of GreatGuys. The tallest female idols today are Jinkyung of Unnies at 180cm and Dakyung of Prism at 175cm.

Who is the oldest of EXO?

1. Xiumin profile

  • Age: 31 years old.
  • Birthday: March 26, 1990.
  • Birthplace: Guri, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Weight: 57 kgs.
  • Blood type: B.
  • Position: Lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper.
  • Instagram: @e_xiu_o.

What is EXO sehun doing now?

Time to follow! EXO’s Sehun is the latest K-pop idol to join TikTok! The artist is under the handle @imsehun, and has already posted his first video, featuring none other than fellow EXO member Chanyeol, as well as Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko.