How did Assef join the Taliban?

Assef replies that money is irrelevant and not why he joined the Taliban. Assef says he is on a mission to rid Afghanistan of garbage. Amir calls it ethnic cleansing and says he wants Sohrab. Shoving Sohrab forward, Assef says he and Amir have unfinished business.

Is Assef a Hazara?

The reader first meets Assef as a violent, racist child who draws his social power from his economic and ethnic identity, and wants to rid his country of all Hazaras. Adult Assef becomes a Taliban leader and continues embracing Afghanistan’s most vicious and bigoted beliefs, ultimately personifying racism and abuse.

Why did Assef hurt Hassan?

Assef wants to rid Afghanistan of the Hazaras, and he will do whatever he can to do so. This hatred is, in part, another reason why he assaulted Hassan the way he did. He wanted Hassan to feel shame for being who he is.

Why is Assef so cruel?

Assef is evil because he is able to justify his beliefs of personal superiority and impose them on anyone who opposes him. His denigration of Hassan as well as his rise to power as a Taliban official reflects this.

Does Assef know Sohrab is Hassan’s son?

Expert Answers I find no evidence in the text of The Kite Runner to show that Assef had any idea that Sohrab was related to Hassan. It seems that Assef would have told Amir during his lengthy talk before the fight if he had actually known.

Why did Sohrab stop talking?

Sohrab tells Amir he is tired of everything. He wants his old life back and says Amir should have left him in the water. Amir says he was coming to explain that they found a way for Sohrab to go to America. But Sohrab stops speaking entirely.

What did Assef do Sohrab?

Assef humiliates Sohrab by dressing him up, and putting makeup on him. When Amir returns to Kabul to find Sohrab he confronts Assef demanding that he release Sohrab. The two men fight. Assef is beating the stuffing out of Amir when Sohrab slingshots Assef in the eye, blinding him.

What is Assef famous for?

Assef is the son of baba’s friend Mahmood. Assef was born by a German mother and an afghan father. He is famous for his stainless steel knuckles. He thinks all Pashtuns are the real Afghans and wants to get rid of all of the hazaras.

Is Sohrab a sociopath?

He returns to Afghanistan at the age of thirty-eight and ends up adopting Hassan’s orphaned son, Sohrab. A sociopath who worships Hitler. As a child, he is the neighborhood bully who rapes Hassan. As an adult, he is a Taliban official who delights in killing people.

Why is Sohrab afraid of going to America?

Why is Sohrab scared to go with Amir to America? He is afraid that Amir will get tired of him or that Amir’s wife won’t like him.

What has happened to Sohrab?

Believing that he is “dirty and full of sin,” Sohrab flinches at Amir’s touch and retreats into himself, “fists buried in his armpits.” He attempts suicide when he believes Amir will abandon him, an act that ultimately acts as a catalyst for a renewal of Amir’s faith as he begs Allah to save Sohrab in the hospital.

Why did Hassan stop smiling?

Hassan’s normal smile is ironic for two reasons. He was born smiling, but even that was not enough for his mother not to abandon him. Because that was the winter that Hassan stopped smiling” (47). Hosseini is a mastermind at ending his chapters or scenes in such an ironic and suspenseful manner.

What happens to Assef after he joins the Taliban?

Decades later, Assef joins the Taliban and is responsible for numerous deaths that had happened in the region as a result of the Taliban’s conquest. After Hassan is killed by the Taliban, Assef kidnaps his son, Sohrab, and keeps him as a sex slave.

Who is Assef and what is his ethnicity?

You ask whether Assef is Pashtun or Taliban, and the answer is both. His ethnicity is Pashtun, which he believes to be the superior ethnicity, and he also becomes a member of the Taliban–which is made up primarily of Pashtuns. In chapter five of the novel, Assef and a few of his buddies stop and harass Amir and Hassan.

Who is the Taliban leader in the Kite Runner?

Adult Assef becomes a Taliban leader and continues embracing Afghanistan’s most vicious and bigoted beliefs, ultimately personifying racism and abuse. Assef also shares many characteristics with Amir.

How did Assef lose the fight with Sohrab?

When Amir confronts Assef and demands he release Sohrab, to which Assef refuses, which results in a physical altercation. Ultimately, Assef loses the fight, and Sohrab fires a marble with the slingshot into his eye, blinding him and giving Sohrab and Amir a chance to escape.