How deep does rifling have to be?

So, anyway rifling depth is on the order of 0.003″ to 0.0035″. In a good barrel the bore will be ±0.0001″ or less from one end to the other in finished condition, and the groove diameter will have the same tolerances.

What is Marlin micro groove rifling?

Microgroove rifling is described in the patent as having 5 grooves for every 1/10 of an inch bore diameter, and that the driving side of each land would be “tangentially disposed” to prevent accumulating fouling in use. Marlin introduced Microgroove rifling in their .

Why would a hunter choose to use a shotgun with slugs instead of a rifle?

A slug from a shotgun will generally travel less far than a bullet from a rifle and is recommended when hunting in semi-rural areas. …

Why does the rifling of a firearm leave a unique pattern that only matches the firearm that fired it?

By examining unique striations, scratches left behind on the bullet and weapon, individual fired rounds can be, but not always are, linked back to a specific weapon. These striations are due to the rifling inside the barrel of handguns. Rifling spins the bullet when it is shot out of the barrel to improve accuracy.

Who owns Marlin now?

Remington Arms
Sturm, Ruger & Co.Remington Outdoor Company, Inc.
Marlin Firearms/Parent organizations

What is the most valuable tool to a firearms examiner?

The comparison microscope serves as the single most important tool to a firearms examiner. Two bullets can be observed and compared simultaneously within the same field of view.

Which is better micro groove or Ballard rifling?

It still shoots cast very accurately but not any better than the micro-groove barrel that used to be on it. The key to cast bullets and micro-groove is the bullet must not be undersized and it needs to be a fairly hard alloy. I have found that a #2 alloy works well and straight wheel weight bullets that are heat treated also work extremely well.

Why are Marlin target rifles called Ballard rifling?

Marlin likes to call this process “Ballard rifling” because this was how the barrels were cut on the Ballard target rifles that Marlin produced, which were famous for their accuracy.

Can a microgroove be used as a Marlin?

I do know from personal experience that the Ballard style seems to shoot both bullet types well. My only Marlin with microgroove is a 30-30. All I shoot is home cast bullets. It is very accurate and gives no problems. From my experience the microgroove shoots lead bullets as well as any other rifling.

When did marlin start using Microgroove rifling for rifles?

The results of this testing convinced the Marlin engineers that Microgroove rifling was indeed suitable for high-velocity centerfire rifles and in early 1956 Marlin announced that all of their high-powered rifles would henceforth be equipped with Microgroove rifling.