How can I go to Geylang Polyclinic?


  1. Nearest MRT Station: EW8 Paya Lebar and EW9 Aljunied.
  2. By Bus:
  3. Bus Stop along Geylang East Central. Bus No: 80, 155, 134.
  4. Bus Stop along Paya Lebar Rd. Bus No: 24, 28, 76, 135, 154.

What Bus go to Geylang Polyclinic?

The 154 is the first Bus that goes to Geylang Polyclinic (SingHealth) in Singapore.

How can I book Geylang Polyclinic appointment?

For Appointments at Geylang Polyclinic, please call 6355 3000.

Does polyclinic open on Saturday?

Hours and services: Open Mon. –Fri., 8 a.m.–6 p.m., and Sat. –Sun., 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Can I go Polyclinic without appointment?

If you do not have an appointment, you will be given an estimated time slot to be seen at registration. You can either wait in the clinic or return to the clinic before the estimated time of consultation.

Can foreigners visit polyclinic?

Permanent Residents and non-Residents will need to pay non-subsidised fees, regardless of age. Some Polyclinic also have a Family Physician Clinic. That’s a difference of almost $40 between the basic polyclinic consultation for adult Citizens and private clinics.

What is the difference between clinic and polyclinic?

A polyclinic is a medical facility that is larger than an individual clinic, but smaller than a hospital. It is a medical centre where a patient can meet a number of doctors, get pathological tests and minor procedures done. Think of a polyclinic as an upgraded version of a regular medical clinic.

Can foreigner go to polyclinic?

Can you go to polyclinic without appointment?

If you are on regular follow-up, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment before visiting the polyclinic. To make, change or cancel your appointment, call 66436969 or click here . *For patients without appointment: Upon registration, you will be provided with an estimated time slot to be seen on the same day.

Is it cheaper to get referral from polyclinic?

Polyclinics are also able to ensure that you get subsidised treatments at hospitals when they refer you. This could make a big difference compared to private clinics. For example, if a private clinic refers you to a hospital, the consultation fee is $90. If a polyclinic refers you, the consultation fee is only $25.

What are 3 different types of clinics?

Below we’ll explore 10 different types of health clinics, the services they provide, and how to find affordable care.

  • Primary care clinics.
  • Specialized clinics.
  • Sexual health clinics.
  • Mental health clinics.
  • Addiction services clinics.
  • Community health centers.
  • Retail clinics.
  • Rural health clinics.

Can I go polyclinic without appointment?

Where is Geylang polyclinic in central Singapore?

Copy & paste following code to display the map of GEYLANG POLYCLINIC, 21 Geylang East Central Singapore 389707 on any webpages. Keep the code intact and maintain the text hyperlink back to our website.

Do you have to wear a face mask in Orchard MRT station?

The national COVID-19 helpline number in Orchard MRT Station is 1800 333 9999. Do I have to wear a face mask on public transport in Orchard MRT Station? Wearing a face mask on public transport in Orchard MRT Station is mandatory. Is it compulsory to practice social distancing in Orchard MRT Station?

Where can I Park when Polyclinic is overcrowded?

Registration may close earlier than stated if the clinic is overcrowded. Drivers may park at the public carpark behind the polyclinic.