How can I check my consumer case status?

Steps to Check Status of Consumer Complaints in National Commission (NCDRC), State Commission and District Forums.

  1. Step 1 : Hit on the link to open Consumer Complaint status website.
  2. Step 2 : Fill the information asked for in the menu.
  3. Know Your Case Status : Select the Forum from the List.
  4. If you know exact case No.

How can I file complaint in consumer court Bangalore?

1. Any consumer can post a complaint by clicking on “Lodge your Complaint” tab on our homepage. 2. Once you click on lodge your complaint, you will be directed to a new page, where you must provide complete details on the complaint.

What is the compensation for consumer court?

The District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum has the pecuniary jurisdiction of up to an amount that does not exceed 20 lakhs. The State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission has the pecuniary jurisdiction where the claim exceeds 20 lakhs but does not exceed 1 crore rupees.

Can consumer court decision be challenged?

A dissatisfied consumer can file a complaint directly with the national commission or appeal against decisions of the state commission within a month from the date of the order. You can appeal against the orders of the national commission in the Supreme Court within a period of 30 days.

What type of cases can be filed in consumer court?

Cases that involve a dispute in the nature of a Consumer-Trader/Seller are heard in a Consumer Court. The cases must be either for deficiency in service, damaged goods, hazardous goods or services, unfair or restrictive trade practices, etc.

How can I draft a consumer complaint?

A consumer complaint shall consist of the following details:

  1. Name and address of the complainant and the opposite party.
  2. The date on which the goods were purchased or services availed, details of such goods and services and the amount paid for the same.

What is the difference between consumer court and Consumer Forum?

Dear Sir/Madam, there is no difference between consumer court and consumer forum, one and the same. You have to file petition under Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and to get relief. You have to pay the prescribed fees and also to attend the said court/forum every date of hearing by engaging counsel your side.

Can I argue my own case in court?

Yes. You have the right to fight your own cases without engaging any advocate. It is not necessary that you must engage an advocate to fight your case in a court. A party in person is allowed to fight his own case in the court.

Which is the lowest consumer court?

At the lowest level, there are district courts, one for a district. Called ‘district consumer forums’, they hear cases where the compensation sought is less than 20 lakh. At the middle level, there are state courts (equivalent to the High Court in civil courts).

Can I fight my own case in consumer forum?

Consumer Protection Act 1986, empowers a consumer to fight a case in consumer court without hiring a lawyer. Any individual is free to represent his/her own case and fight against service provider in case one finds deficit in the services provided in return for money.

Which is the best app to check case status in Bengaluru?

Now always stay updated with your cases through LawStar, the free mobile app that would notify you on any update on your cases instantly. No matter where your case is from, LawStar tracks High Courts, Consumer Courts, e-Courts, District courts and various Tribunals across Bengaluru.

How to contact Karnataka State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission?

CONSUMER HELP LINE 1800-425-9339 Order regarding new case filing Circular regarding case filling

Which is the Best Consumer Redressal Forum in Bangalore?

Bangalore Urban District Consumer Disputes Redressal. Basava Bhavan,Sri Basaveshwara Circle, High Grounds, Bangalore-560001 2. Banglore Urban District Forum, Cauvery Bhavan, 8th Floor, BWSSB Wing, Kempe Gawda Road, Bangalore-560009 3. Banglore Rural & Urban I Addl. District Forum, 1/7, Swathi Complex, Seshadripuram, Bangalore-560020.

Is there complaint fee before District Consumer Commission?