Does Washington state have sheriffs?

The Sheriffs of Washington are elected and are constitutional officers within the Constitution of the State of Washington. In order to improve and provide effective service and protection to all citizens of Washington, the 39 Sheriffs joined together in 1984 to form this Association.

How do I contact Pierce County sheriff?

If you have a question, contact (253) 798-7530.

Where is King county Sheriff’s Office?

Downtown Seattle

King County Sheriff’s Office
Headquarters King County Courthouse (Downtown Seattle)
Sworn members 720
Agency executive Mitzi Johanknecht, Sheriff
Units show 4

How many sheriffs are there in Washington State?

For a brief overview of Washington State’s 39 independently elected Sheriff’s Offices, click on the county of choice on the map or pick from the menu below. NOTE: Do not try and compare population, staffing, and budget between agencies. Each Sheriff’s Office has different divisions and responsibilities.

How do you become a sheriff in Washington state?

Steps to Become a Sheriff in Washington

  1. Step 1: Become a Police Officer.
  2. Step 2: Get law enforcement experience.
  3. Step 3: Get a degree in criminal justice.
  4. Step 4: Run for a Sheriff’s Office in Washington.
  5. Step 5: File the necessary paperwork.
  6. Step 6: Begin your campaign.
  7. Step 7: Get elected and take the oath.

What Sheriff Department did Rick Grimes work for?

The King County Sheriff’s Department
The King County Sheriff’s Department was established in the year 1816 as the county police building for King County, Georgia. It has its main building headquarters in King county where both deputy officers Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh are employed.

What does the Pierce County sheriff do?

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is a “full service agency” that provides law enforcement, jail, court security, civil processing services to all areas of unincorporated Pierce County and the contract cities of Edgewood and University Place.

Who is sheriff of Pierce County WA?

Sheriff Ed Troyer
Inslee directs Washington attorney general to investigate Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer.

How do you become a King County sheriff?

King County Sheriff’s Office – Deputy Sheriff Requirements You must be at least 20 years of age at the time of application; age 21 on the date of hire. You must have a high school degree or GED. You must have a Washington State driver’s license, or be able to obtain one by the date of hire.

How many law enforcement officers are in Washington state?

This is a list of law enforcement agencies in the US state of Washington. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics’ 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the state had 260 law enforcement agencies employing 11,411 sworn police officers, about 174 for each 100,000 residents.

How much do state troopers make in Washington?


Position Monthly Yearly
Cadet $4,822 $57,864
Starting Trooper Pay $5,386 $64,632
Trooper with 5+ Years $7,424 $89,088

Do you need a degree to be a cop in Washington state?

All agencies have their own standards, but the general qualifications that apply to most include: Be at least 21 years of age. Have a high school diploma or GED. Have a valid state driver’s license.

Who is the Sheriff of Lewis County Washington?

Being a committed community partner, providing professional service to enhance the safety, security, and quality of life in Lewis County is our mission. LAW ENFORCEMENT REFORM LAWS We are hiring!

Who is the Sheriff of Stevens County WA?

The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office will safeguard the lives, property and constitutional rights of our citizens through honest, ethical and professional service and enforcement to our community.

Where is the sheriff’s office in Vancouver WA?

Clark County Sheriff’s Office: Street Address: 707 West 13th St. Vancouver, WA 98660. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 410, Vancouver, WA 98666. Main phone: 564.397.2211.

How big is the sheriff’s office in Washington?

Today we are the second largest sheriff’s agency in Washington State serving over 875,000 residents county wide including over 400,000 who reside in unincorporated county areas. Since becoming your sheriff, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you in person at one of the many public meetings we hold each year.