Does Toriko end up with Rin?

By the end of the arc, Toriko and Rin are married and his Full Course is eaten at their wedding reception.

Why did Toriko marry Rin?

She was willing to place her life in serious danger against Starjun in order to protect Toriko from him. After his return from his year and a half away from the Human World, Rin demanded that Toriko marry her.

Did Komatsu die in Toriko?

Komatsu, in a hurry, uses the Toriko Cracker Toriko gave him, which causes his death. He was resuscitated by an old Gourmet Hunter named Jiro.

How many EP is Toriko?

List of Toriko episodes
No. of episodes 147
Original network Fuji Television
Original release April 3, 2011 – March 30, 2014

Is ichiryu dead?

Ichiryu meets his end after a fierce battle with his brother Midora, in which he is struck down by AIR after suffering serious injuries from Midora’s attacks….

Status Deceased
Height 175 cm
Weight 502 kg
Blood Type O

Who is Toriko’s father?


Relatives Ichiryu (adoptive father); Rin (wife); Starjun (twin brother); Acacia (father); Froese (mother); Sunny (brother-in-law);
Pets and Ob
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1

Who is the best chef in Toriko?

Current Rankings

  • 1st – “Cooking King” Zaus.
  • 2nd – “Gourmet Living Legend” Setsuno.
  • 3rd – “Bizarre Cooking” Tengu Brunch.
  • 4th – “Curry King” Damala Sky XIII.
  • 5th – “Medicinal Cooking Authority” Yuda.
  • 6th – “Dessert Prince” Anyo Jr.
  • 7th – “Original Cuisine” CM Goron.
  • 8th – “Genius Bread Artisan” Pippi.

Is Toriko a spin off?

Gourmet Academy Toriko (グルメ学園トリコ Gurume Gakuen Toriko) is a spin-off manga series of Toriko written by Takayama Toshinori and illustrated by Mizumoto Akitsugu.

How old is ichiryu?

Birthday January 1st
Age Over 500
Status Deceased
Height 175 cm

Did Toriko obtain God?

GOD (ゴッド, Goddo) is an amazing Divine Ingredient discovered by the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia 500 years ago. Even Toriko of the Four Heavenly Kings has chosen this ingredient to be the main dish in his Full Course Menu.

How strong is Setsuno?

She is strong enough to fight against Zaus, Kuriboh, and Koursariou without a problem, defeat Kuriboh, and keep the remaining two struggling against her. Setsuno’s greatest feat of strength is when she blocked a powerful attack from the holy blade Cinderella wielded by Joie while only suffering minimal damages.

Is Toriko the strongest?

Power. Its standing as a verse has it as currently one of the strongest manga verses that where ongoing in 2016. Strongly influenced by One Piece and Dragon Ball, it is an incrediblly vast verse with very strong beings in it.

What happens in the last episode of Toriko?

Rin’s tragic end sends Toriko into a rage, but the price of fueling his passionate attack may cost him his life. Meanwhile, Komatsu takes a heroic stand when the GT Robot tries to rob the chef of his favorite knife! (Sub) Super Toriko, the Fists of Anger!

Where do you first see Rin in Toriko?

Rin is first seen in the Gourmet Coliseum, where she is handling many of the beasts for the upcoming battles. She gives Mansam a call, who asks her about the Devil Serpent ‘s condition; she called saying the Battle Fragrance Machine was broken and she’s trying her best to fix it.

When does the Toriko series come out on DVD?

The series follows the adventures of Toriko and Komatsu as they search for rare, diverse foods to complete a full-course meal. The series ran on Fuji Television from April 3, 2011, to March 30, 2014, and was released on DVD in 25 compilations by Happinet Pictures between August 2, 2011 and July 2, 2014.

What do rin and Toriko have in common?

Like her brother, Rin also has Gourmet Cells. Her body can recover from injuries, even fatal ones, if she tastes something that is compatible with her Gourmet Cells: in her case, it appears to be Toriko ‘s saliva, as shown when he “kissed” her after she was heavily wounded by Starjun.