Does FCS 2 need screws?

With the FCS II system, the need for any screws or tool to secure the fins has been eliminated. Simply insert the front of the fin into the plug and use downward pressure to lock the fin in place. When using genuine FCS II fins, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds.

How do you screw into FCS fins?

To attach the FCS fins to your surfboard or SUP. The fins are secured to the board by inserting the fins into the plugs and tightening the grub screws using an FCS key. To attach the fin, make sure the screws are not impeding into the plug slots, if they are, loosen them slightly.

How do you make a leash loop?

Making a leash rope is real easy.

  1. Cut the paracord to length. Cut your paracord to about 12″-14.” Longer or shorter depending on leash/tail/rail saver size.
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Do you need a fin key for FCS 2?

The FCS II is a detachable fin system technology launched in March 2013. The FCS II allows surfers to quickly install and remove fins without the need for tools, screws, and hex keys. The fin plugs are also compatible with the original FCS system – all you need is a simple compatibility kit.

What does FCS fins stand for?

Fin Control System
FCS (Fin Control System) is a brand, as well as type, of fin set-up which allows for more versatility in the placement and style of the fins attached to a surfboard. The FCS style can be used as the traditional tri-fin placement, a four (quad), or a five fin set up.

What’s the best way to install a FCS II?

Placement 1/ With the cavity and FCS II plug now wet out, place the plug into the cavity. This should be a snug fit. 2/ Continue to push the plug into the cavity until resin flows over the top of the plug. Take care not to use excessive pressure and damage the blank. Support the board with your other hand on the deck.

Where to place FCS II plugs on a surfboard?

FCS II plugs placed on the board in the correct orientation. Securing dummy fins to plugs. Setting the plugs Applying the correct amount and type of resin to the plugs will ensure a strong bond between the plug and foam without increasing the weight of the board.

Is the fin plugs compatible with the original FCS system?

The fin plugs are also compatible with the original FCS system – all you need is a simple compatibility kit. The updated fin mechanism is reliable, resistant, durable and light. However, sometimes, you may struggle to remove them without damaging the surfboard’s fiberglass layer.

How to set cant angles on FCS II?

It is recommended that you use the FCS II dummy fins when setting the cant angles. 2/ For rail plugs, ensure the arrows are pointing toward the rail. 3/ For centre plugs, ensure the C is present on the plug. 4/ The orientation letters, arrows and print are sanded off after the installation. Indexing arrow points towards the rail. rear of the plug.