Does Casio make watches in Thailand?

Casio already has factories in Thailand where a lot of G-Shock watches are produced for worldwide markets, so the transition is likely to go smoothly and without any disruption to customers.

Can Casio watches go underwater?

Are All Casio G-Shock Watches Waterproof? Yes, all Casio G-Shock watches are waterproof. Both Tough Solar and non-solar G-Shock watches are equally water-resistant, as well as smaller and bigger G-Shock models.

What is special about Casio watches?

The rubber body is sealed to withstand any onslaught of dust, sand or water particles and houses the unique “floating module” where the quartz mechanism of the watch literally floats free in a urethane foam inside, which therefore allows the watch to withstand all forms of shocks while you’re playing.

Are Casio watches good quality?

Casio is an affordable Japanese watch brand, which has superior quality as compared to the others in the same price range. Its new additions in the G-Shock series have carbon fiber, which is ten times stronger than iron. They won the iF Design Awards, an annual international award for the best industrial design.

What watches are made in the USA?

Best Made In USA Watch Companies

  • Vortic Watches.
  • Autodromo.
  • Devon.
  • Martenero.
  • Shinola Watches.
  • Weiss Watches.
  • RGM.
  • Brew.

Can I swim with Casio F 91w?

Water resistance is an important feature of a modern watch. The Casio F91W, one of the company’s most popular watches, is claimed to be water resistant to “30 meters”, which in ISO parlance, means it is suitable for splashes and rain resistance only.

Can I swim with 50m watch?

You can swim with a 50m watch, but it’s recommended swimming is kept to a minimum to prevent long-term damage to your prized possession. Water-resistant to 100m or 10 Bar/Atmospheres. A watch that boasts 100m water-resistance is great for snorkelling activities, but certainly not diving.

Why is Casio Frogman so expensive?

Why is the G-Shock Frogman so expensive? In my opinion, except Frogman, all the other G-Shock model’s currently available are not dive rated, plus it does have the higher end titanium case and a build quality a step up from most of the standard G-Shock models. That is why Frogman series is more expensive.

Why is Casio MRG so expensive?

The base watch includes Casio’s tough solar power recharging, radio updates from atomic clocks located around the world, and Bluetooth connectivity. The expense is related to the materials used rather than improved tech. These watches target people who enjoy owning something exclusive and expensive.