Did zoella delete twitter?

The posts, from 2009-12, which have now been deleted, have been called out for “fat shaming” and being homophobic. “Fat chav”, “skank” and “tramp” are some of the phrases she posted on her Twitter account, which now has 11 million followers. Zoella apologised on Wednesday, adding she “would never say those things now”.

Is zoella canceled?

The Zoella Beauty and Zoella Lifestyle products were discontinued in 2020. In October 2019, it was reported that the two businesses had earned a yearly revenue of £3.8 million. Sugg’s debut novel, Girl Online, was released on 25 November 2014.

Is Zoe Sugg on twitter?

Zoella (@Zoella) | Twitter.

What happened Alfie Osrs?

Popular Twitch streamer Alfred ‘Alfie’ Loera has been banned from the platform after using a homophobic slur during a recent RuneScape broadcast. RuneScape streamer Alfie has seemingly been banned permanently from the platform after his 24-hour ban earlier this year for a racist text-to-speech donation.

Does Zoella have baby?

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has welcomed her first child with her boyfriend of eight years, Alfie Deyes. The YouTuber-turned-entrepreneur shared a photograph of her newborn baby girl on Instagram, revealing that she had named her “Ottilie”.

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Why did Zoella Ingham remove her video on YouTube?

Zoella was a long time fan of the inghams and they had a pool party at her house. When the teen fan allegations came out a few days after this Zoella who hadn’t released her video with them yet claimed it became corrupted. Alfie posted on Twitter to say they should be removed from youtube and that he contacted them to no response.