Can you palpate the TFCC?

On exam, palpation of the TFCC is best with the wrist in pronation. It is between the flexor carpi ulnaris, ulnar styloid, and os pisiform. Several physical exam tests can suggest the diagnosis of TFCC injury.

What causes triangular fibrocartilage complex?

What causes a TFCC tear? There are two types of TFCC tears: traumatic and degenerative. Traumatic tears typically result from falling on an outstretched hand, excessive arm rotation or a blow to the wrist. Athletes are at risk, especially those who use a racquet, bat or club or put pressure on the wrists.

Can a TFCC tear heal on its own?

In many cases, a TFCC tear will heal on its own. However, a person will need to avoid using the affected wrist to prevent further injury and to allow it to heal properly. A healthcare professional may also recommend wearing a splint, brace, or cast to protect and immobilize the wrist.

Where does a TFCC tear hurt?

TFCC tears cause pain on the “ulnar side” of the wrist, the side opposite the thumb. It sits directly on top of the ulna bone, the small bone in the forearm. The radius rotates around the ulna when you pronate (palm down) or supinate (palm up) the hand.

What percentage of TFCC tears require surgery?

Among the patients with clinical diagnosis of triangular fibrocartilage complex injury, the rate of surgical intervention required after a minimum 4 weeks of immobilization was 43%.

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How is a TFCC compression test performed on a wrist?

The TFCC compression test is performed by ulnar deviating the forearm in neutral rotation. Reproduction of symptoms indicates that the test is positive In the TFCC stress test an axial load is applied to a ulnar-deviated wrist which produces pain and discomfort. The piano key test is done to assess the stability of the DRUJ.