Can you get tramadol over the counter in Thailand?

One study in Yemen indicated that tramadol is among the top 4 suspected abuse medications in community pharmacies [10]. In Thailand, tramadol can be dispensed in community pharmacies, which are probably one source of seeking the drug for misuse or abuse.

How much is tramadol in Thailand?

Each container of tramadol contains 1,000 capsules and is sold for 1,700 baht, while the average retail price of the drug is 3.50 baht per capsule, which makes it affordable to most teens, he said.

Is tramadol legal in other countries?

Tramadol is currently not under international control, however as the substance is abused in many countries, controls have been placed at the national level in many countries as a prescription only medicine.

Why is tramadol ban?

However, since 1995, changes to the controlled substance status of tramadol have been made due to reports of drug abuse, misuse and criminal diversion (shifting of any legally prescribed controlled substance from the patient to another person for any illicit use, such as abuse or sale on the streets).

What drugs are banned in Thailand?

Commonly known substances falling within the ambit of the Narcotics Act include the following:

  • Category 1 – Heroin;Amphetamine; Methamphetamine; MDMA (Ecstasy); LSD.
  • Category 2 – Cocaine; Codeine; Methadone; Morphine.
  • Category 5 – Cannabis; psychoactive mushrooms; Kratom Plant.

What is ibuprofen called in Thailand?

List of brands

Name Countries
Ibugan Thailand
Ibugel UK
Ibuflam Germany, South Africa
Ibugesic Latvia

Is there a drug called Taxi?

4-Chlorophenylisobutylamine (4-CAB, AEPCA), also known as 4-chloro-α-ethylphenethylamine, is an entactogen and stimulant drug of the phenethylamine class….4-Chlorophenylisobutylamine.

Clinical data
show IUPAC name
CAS Number 2275-64-1
PubChem CID 150989
ChemSpider 133083

What countries ban tramadol?

Codeine and/or Tramadol Medicines containing Codeine or Tramadol are banned in countries including the UAE, Japan, Indonesia and Greece. You’re also not allowed to bring too much Codeine or Tramadol into Egypt.

Is Ultracet better than tramadol?

Conclusion: ULTRACET has more efficacy and fewer side effects when compared with tramadol and acetaminophen in acute postoperative pain surgery.

Is Oxycontin better than tramadol?

Is Tramadol or Oxycodone More Effective? Both tramadol and oxycodone are effective drugs for treating pain. However, because oxycodone is so much more potent than tramadol, it is more effective for more severe pain. Tramadol is generally used for less severe pain than oxycodone for this reason.

What is the penalty for drugs in Thailand?

– Persons convicted of an offense involving Category II drugs may be subject to fines up to 5 million baht and imprisonment from one year to life. – Persons convicted of offenses involving Category III substances may be fined up to 300,000 baht and imprisoned for up to three years.