Can you connect two consumer units together?

Yes you can fit second consumer unit common when supplying showers and sheds you may have to use two lighting circuits as most light fitting need fusing to 6 amp. There are three ways to connect with henley block or from existing consumer unit and latter with approved cable or twin and earth.

Can you have more than one consumer unit?

You can certainly have as many CUs as you want. There is a BS 7671 regulation demanding that every installation has a (singular) “main switch”.

Does a garage consumer unit need to be earthed?

The supply to the garage, being a distribution circuit, will require a fault to earth to clear within 5 s (Regulation 411.3.2.3 refers). Furthermore, the circuit supplying socket-outlets in the garage will require additional means of protection from an RCD having the characteristics complying with Regulation 415.1.

Can I install a 17th edition consumer unit?

Under the 17th Edition requirements it is still possible to install some circuits in domestic premises that are not fed via an RCD. Different wiring systems would need to be used.

How much does it cost to fit a consumer unit?

The average cost of replacing consumer unit is around £300 to £400 for a six-circuit consumer unit, £400 to £500 for a ten-circuit fuse box, and for a twelve-circuit consumer unit you should expect to pay around £500 to £600.

Can you run a consumer unit from a consumer unit?

Yes you could, but I would use a switched FCU with 3A fuse for lights and use a cooker connection unit to form a lollipop ring final.

Are axiom consumer units any good?

Have used these consumer units in the past with no issues, as they used to be a very reasonably priced unit which were surprisingly good quality.

Why do I need a split load consumer unit?

The split load consumer unit is a safest panel box as compared to simple main switch, simple RCD type consumer unit or dual RCD’s consumer unit. It is because split load consumer units provide protection against overload, overcurrent & short-circuit and earth leakage.

What size breaker do I need for garage supply?

A typical garage would generally require a maximum supply of 20 A while making allowance for diversity (Regulation 311.1). Typically, the use of circuit-breakers to BS EN 60898 or RCBOs to BS EN 61009 would provide the distribution circuit with protection against both overload and fault-current (Regulation 433.1.

Can a consumer unit be used as a main switch?

This can be done in 3 ways. A consumer unit can use an RCD as the main switch. This will protect all circuits but if the RCD trips, so do all circuits. A dual RCD consumer unit can be fitted. This unit has one main switch, two RCDs and each circuit has it’s own MCB.

How to wire RCD in shed consumer unit?

How to wire RCD in garage, shed consumer unit (UK). Consumer unit wiring diagram. – YouTube

What do you need to know about installing a consumer unit?

All cables and connections to the consumer unit must be checked and tested by a qualified electrician. Do not attempt removal or replacement unless you are you are qualified to Part P regulation standards. It is also an offence to interfere with the seals on the electricity meter.