Can VERSATEX be painted?

VERSATEX does not require painting for protection. Use paints that are 100% acrylic latex or acrylic latex with urethane additive. USE PAINTS WITH A LIGHT REFLECTIVE VALUE (LRV) OF 55 UNITS OR GREATER.

Is VERSATEX expensive?

Q: VERSATEX trim is more expensive than finger-jointed pine and composite wood trims. Independent third party studies have shown the life cycle cost of VERSATEX to be less than wood, wood composite and other composite trims.

Is VERSATEX the same as AZEK?

SKOKIE, Ill., June 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The AZEK Company (“AZEK”), an industry-leading manufacturer of low-maintenance residential and commercial building products, today announced it has completed the acquisition of Versatex, an innovative manufacturer of highly engineered cellular PVC products.

How much does VERSATEX trim cost?

Pvc Trim – Versatex

Item Description Price
VT126 1/2″x 6″x18′ VERSATEX E&CB 56.99
VTSB (E) 1″x8″x18′ VERSATEX SKIRT BRD 65.28
VTCW44 (E)4″x4″x120″ VERSATEX COL. WRAP 75.00

What is Versatex paint?

Dutch Boy® Versatex™ is a water-based patterned finish specially designed for interior use on primed surfaces such as concrete, drywall, and properly primed wood. It can be applied in several creative patterns to beautify interior walls and ceilings.

What is the best paint to use on PVC?

Now, grab your plastic-rated spray paint. Krylon Fusion is a consumer favorite that’s widely available; you can pick up a can on Amazon for about $5). Shake thoroughly for 15 to 20 seconds. In a side-to-side sweeping motion, spray-paint the pipe, starting from the top and working your way down to the bottom.

Is Versatex a PVC?

IT’S ALL WE DO. VERSATEX is totally dedicated to cellular PVC trim and is the market leader in innovation, quality and technical assistance.

What is AZEK Trim?

OVERVIEW. Beautiful and long-lasting, AZEK® Trim is a more workable and durable replacement to traditional wood in non-stress and non-load-bearing applications. It is easily milled, routed, and heat-formed for exquisite custom looks or curved applications.

What is azek made of?

It is made from 95 percent recycled materials, including recycled sawdust, and claims to be the most eco-friendly decking material on the market. What Is AZEK? AZEK is a cellular PVC material that’s made using weather-resistant technology. The core contains no wood fibers.

How much is Dutch Boy paint a gallon?

Dutch Boy® Porch & Floor Interior/Exterior Acrylic Satin White/Base A Paint + Primer – 1 gal. Dutch Boy® Porch & Floor Interior/Exterior Acrylic Satin White/Base A Paint + Primer – 1 gal….Sign In.

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What should I do before applying versatex paint?

A: Follow the paint manufacturer’s preparation steps. To ensure good adhesion, the surface of the product should be clean, dry and free of dirt, mildew, chalk, grease and any other surface contaminants before applying paint. Keep in mind that cellular PVC may have a static charge on the surface of the product which tends to attract dust.

What kind of LaTeX do you use for versatex?

A: 100% acrylic latex or 100% acrylic latex with a urethane additive should be used to achieve superior coating adhesion and flexibility. Lacquers are not recommended with VERSATEX because lacquers are a more brittle coating and will not flex with movement in the VERSATEX trim.

What kind of primer to use on versatex trim?

A primer is not recommended, but if you prefer to prime the trim, use Aqua Kem® Bonding Primer E61W525,which also offers a field applied coating under their “Green Seal®” product designation. Q: What preparation steps should be followed before painting VERSATEX trim? A: Follow the paint manufacturer’s preparation steps.

How does a versatex raised panel column wrap work?

Our Classic and Raised Panel column wrap styles are created from a single piece of VERSATEX cellular PVC with three pre-mitered grooved that fold around the structural post and lock together with a friction-fit lockmiter joint. Just apply your PVC glue, fold the VERSAWRAP around your structural column, secure in place, peel the tape, and walk away.