Can I use PEX for shower valve?

When doing a shower/tub valve — you can use PEX for the hot and cold supply and for the leg that goes from the shower head but NOT to the tub spout.

Can you connect PEX directly to faucet?

Because it’s so flexible and easy to use, connecting PEX to a faucet or other valve takes less time than connecting to copper. There are far less fittings required because of its flexibility, and connecting PEX to a faucet is done with a crimper, requiring no soldering.

Can I connect PEX to Galvanized?

Can I connect PEX to Galvanized? Yes, galvanized tubing can be cut with a hacksaw, band saw, or a suitable metal tubing cutter. Assemble a threaded transition fitting that passes from the galvanized pipe/connector to the tubing PEX.

What size PEX should I use for a shower?

To get the proper water flow going into your shower, you will need to install water lines that run into the fixture itself. It is a good idea to go with ½-inch or ¾-inch PEX for the main lines. The good rule of thumb and standard is to simply replace the old water supply lines using PEX that is the same size.

Can you use SharkBite on shower valve?

Connect SharkBite to Shower Valve All you need to do next is push the SharkBite connections into the shower valve on one side of the fitting and push the PEX water supply lines to the other side. The insertion depth mark should line up with the top of the SharkBite fitting when the pipe has been inserted properly.

How far out should a shower valve be installed?

Your goal is to center the shower valve between studs 12 inches apart.

How do you replace a PEX shower faucet?

It begins with shutting off the water to the house and draining the water at the lowest point, e.g. laundry tub. Cut out the old faucet and attach shutoff valves to the existing pipes. PEX shutoff valves can be installed if there’s PEX throughout the house. By the same token, SharkBites can be used with copper, PVC, or PEX pipes.

How to install a Moen Posi-temp shower valve?

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Can you use Teflon tape on a PEX shower head?

Add 6-7 revolutions of teflon tape to the shower arm and thread it onto the ½” PEX adapter in the wall. Here’s a Gold nugget: Hansgrohe shower heads don’t require teflon tape. They can be screwed to the shower arm by hand. This is a small benefit. But there’s nothing worse than teflon tape showing between the shower arm and shower head.

What can I use to fix a shower diverter?

Add teflon tape to the 3/4″ male adapters and hand tighten them into the iBox. Then use Channellock pliers to tighten them further. These adapters will connect the 1/2″ PEX to the house plumbing. Dry fit the iBox in the stud wall again to determine it’s preferred location in relation to the shower.