Can I order begonias online?

Our range of large, small, double and trailing begonias have varieties suitable for shady and sunny positions. Buy begonia plug plants online and have them delivered direct to your door!

Can you keep a begonia plant indoors?

Begonias growing indoors should be moved to a partly sunny location outdoors during the summer. Some begonias do not tolerate direct sunlight and should be placed in the shade. More information on moving indoor plants is available in HGIC 1454, Indoor Plants – Moving Plants Indoors & Outdoors.

When can you buy begonia plants?

From January until April tuberous begonias are available to buy as tubers. They are usually in packs and include a picture of the flowers plus information about the begonia. You may often see the first signs of the new shoots growing from the buds.

What is the most beautiful begonia?

Best Types of Begonia Houseplants

  • Boliviensis Begonia. Botanical Name: Begonia boliviensis.
  • Reiger Begonia. Image Source.
  • Big Red Bronze Leaf. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Big Red Bronze Leaf’
  • Solenia Dusty Rose Begonia. Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Solenia Dusty Rose’
  • Ambassador White.
  • Ambassador Rose.
  • Million Kisses.
  • Glowing Embers.

Should you mist begonia maculata?

Some websites recommend misting begonia leaves to increase humidity. However, begonias are susceptible to powdery mildew, and damp leaves may encourage this disease. If your only option is to mist, make sure you have a fine spray and don’t mist the leaves directly.

Are coffee grounds good for begonias?

Are coffee grinds good for indoor begonias as well? It is not highly recommended to use coffee grounds on indoor plants. The grounds can encourage fungus growth which is dangerous to your plants. If you want to do this do not add a lot of ground to your plant and do not water the plant unless the soil is very dry.

How long do potted begonias last?

No begonia has a long life span. Most only live for 2 to 3 years, even with good care.

Can you leave begonias in pots over winter?

Overwintering Tuberous Begonias Tuberous begonias should be dug up and stored indoors during winter until the return of warmer weather in spring. Pot-grown begonia plants can be stored in their containers as long as they remain dry. They should also be relocated to a protected area that’s cool, dark, and dry.

Do begonias like full sun?

Most begonias grow best in part shade (4 to 6 hours of direct morning sun a day), or filtered sun (as through trees). Most will tolerate full shade (no direct or filtered sun), but won’t be as dense and usually have fewer flowers. A few grow in full sun. They prefer moist, but not soggy, soils.

Should I mist a polka dot begonia?

Your Polka Dot Begonia will do well in average room temperatures between 60-80 degrees. Your Begonia prefers a humid environment but does not tolerate misting. Use a pebble tray or humidifier, instead. Feed once a month during the spring and summer with a liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.